Who produces the most kiwifruit?

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Italy is number one and New Zealand is second. Bon appetit
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What country produces the most goods?

China produces the most goods imported by other nations, followedby Germany and the United States. It is also the most populatedcountry so it has to produce as much as it can to take care of thepeople.

What are facts about the kiwifruit?

The Kiwi, Kiwifruit, Chinese gooseberry and Yang-tao are some common names, it's origin comes from Eastern China on the coast of the Zhejiang Province and in Northern China in the Yangtze River Valley. Fun fact: The Kiwi fruit can also be used as a meat tenderizer (it contains an enzyme called Act (MORE)

Why are kiwifruit called kiwifruit?

The name is taken from the kiwi birds native to New Zealand, one of the places where kiwifruit are grown. The name also suggests an appearance similar to those birds. The other name for the brown, furry, egg-shaped fruit is "Chinese gooseberry". This was not as popular in marketing but does correctl (MORE)

What plants produce the most oxygen?

\none of the plants that produces the most oxygen is Pistacia mexicana Kunth acording to some of my teachers the most plant that gives the most oxygen is: 'The Tree Of Life' (coconut tree)

Who produces the most flutes?

The Gemienhardt Flute is the most recommended flute for beginners and students in the world. So I would presume that the Gemeinhardt Flute has to be the one that is produced the most.

What is a kiwifruit?

A fruit that has a fuzzy brown exterior and a green interior that taste very sweet. It is also full of vitamin C. reliable source http://thefeistyorganics.blogspot.com/2012/10/cutesy-kiwi-packs-powerful-punch.html

What ocean produces the most fish?

The Pacific ocean produces the most fish as it is the largest oceanin the world. The Pacific ocean also boasts the most fish beingcaught in it.

How do you eat kiwifruit?

Cut the kiwi fruit in half and spoon the fruit into mouth with a spoon. Kiwi fruit is eaten plain, as a desert, fruit juice or salad. It is rarely heated.

What is the origin of Kiwifruit?

Kiwifruit is native to central China. People say that kiwi fruit comes from New Zealand, but its not. Kiwi fruit actually comes from China, and was actually called Chinese goose berry, but china decided to give the kiwifruit to New Zealand, which is now a traditional fruit to us New Zealanders.

What state produces the most cattle?

Here is a list of top cattle producing states 1. Texas 2. Oklahoma 3. Missouri 4. Nebraska 5. South Dakota 6. Montana 7. Kansas 8. Kentucky 9. Tennessee 10.Florida 9.

What state produces the most milk?

MI's Neghbor, WI.(Wisconson is the state that prodces the most milk). Acutally California produces the most milk by far. 36,465,000,000 pounds of milk per year most recent data. Wisconsin is 2nd with 22,085,000,000 pounds. I don't know why they measure it in pounds but that is the most recent US D (MORE)

Most commonly produced chemical?

The largest manufactured chemical in tonnage is sulphuric acid (H2SO4). It is used extensively in the automotive industry and and as a by product in a lot of other industries and voltaics.. The largest manufactured chemical in tonnage is sulphuric acid (H2SO4). It is used extensively in the automot (MORE)

Which province produces the most oil?

Alberta produces the most oil, but Saskatchewan is investing a lot of money into developing its oil resources, which are nearly as big as Alberta's.

What produces the most CO2 emissions?

The largest source of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are currentlyfrom electric generation through the combustion of fossil fuels.Particularly the burning of coal is most pollutive, as compared tooil or natural gas generation.

What process produces the most ATP?

Cellular Respiration produces the most ATP, out of Cellular respiration, Photosynthesis, lactic acid Fermentation, and alcohol fermentation.

Why is a kiwifruit hairy?

Kiwi fruits are hairy to keep the outside of the fruit good, while the inside is being developed. It helps protect insects from eating the inside because the hairs will stick to their legs causing them to try to detach themselves, which means they'll fly away forgettng what they were doing in the fi (MORE)

What are the benefits of kiwifruit?

\nit's fruit-a-liscious, as jmac would say! and it's green, the color of jmac's soulful eyes. eating it would give you like, a boost in soulfulness! your aura will permanently glow with the radiance of a thousand jmacs. the only way to obtain such a glowing soulplexion is to meet jmac him/herself, o (MORE)

Where do kiwifruit come from?

Kiwifruit are vine fruit which are native to China, while other species are native to India, Japan and even southeastern Siberia. Kiwifruit are grown as commercial crops in New Zealand, Chile, Italy, France and Greece, as well as the USA, along the coastal region of northern California extending (MORE)

How do you serve kiwifruit?

Some serving ideas: . Eat kiwifruit as is . Add whole kiwifruits, skin and all, to smoothies . Toss kiwifruit into green salads . Serve sliced kiwifruit and strawberries topped with non-dairyyogurt . Mix sliced kiwifruit, orange, and pineapple together to makechutney . Purée watermelon, c (MORE)

Where did the kiwifruit get its name?

The kiwifruit was originally called a Chinese gooseberry, which wasconsidered to be an unattractive name. In the 1960s a New Zealandgrower came up with the idea of marketing them as "kiwifruit" toplay off his nation's symbol, the kiwi bird. Despite the fruithaving originated in China and being grown (MORE)

What are the features of a kiwifruit?

Kiwi fruits have a hairy, brown skin. Beneath the skin is an edible green flesh. At the centre is a white pulp, surrounded by black edible seeds. They contains high amounts of potassium (as much as bananas), and twice the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. They are also high in vitamins A and (MORE)

Why does kiwifruit have hair?

Control of fruit water loss: In the same way that clothing helps to retain body heat by holding a layer of warm, still air close to your skin, so the 3 mm thick hair layer on a kiwifruit helps to retain water by holding a layer of moist, still air close to the fruit skin.

How is the taste of kiwifruit?

Hi. The fruit should be eaten after peeling the skin. It has green to brown colour flesh with dark colour seeds the size of small mustard seeds. It is sweet with very mild sour taste.. The best way to eat is leave the fruit to ripen for about 10 days (in US climate) when you see the skin kind of g (MORE)

Where does a kiwifruit grow?

The kiwifruit grows on a woody vine. Kiwifruit originated in China. They were introduced to New Zealand, where they are still grown. They are also grown in Italy (the main provider), the United States (mainly California), France, Chile, Japan, Greece, and Australia.

How can you eat kiwifruit?

You can peel and slice it, then eat it in a fruit salad. It can be eaten by itself. You can cut it in half and use a mini spoon to scoop out the fruit.

Two that produce the most energy?

The organisms that produce the most energy are plants. Theseorganisms are autotrophs which means they can produce their ownenergy from the Sun.

Where is the kiwifruit grown?

Kiwifruit originated in China. They were introduced to New Zealand, where they are still grown. They are also grown in Italy (the main provider), the United States (mainly California), France, Chile, Japan, Greece, and Australia.

Which states produce the most dairy?

The states that produce and sell the MOST dairy products would be California, Idaho, New York, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, but Wisconsin actually produces the largest quantity of dairy products

Where does the kiwifruit traditionally from?

somewhere/ The Kiwi fruit was a name given to the Chinese gooseberry that originally came from China. The plant brought to New Zealand was then cultivated, improved and grown on to the fruit that we know today as Kiwi Fruit as it resembles the flightless native bird in New Zealand called Kiwi

Which country produce the most corn?

The US is the biggest producer of corn. To an almost excessive level. Our government actually subsidizes corn farmers to grow more than we need so we have a surplus of corn to trade. Corn actually can be made into a whole bunch of other things including many artificial flavorings and additives to fo (MORE)

Which country produces the most toothpicks?

Maine is state which makes the most toothpicks in United States. But where do the toothpicks that people in Asia use come from? asians have a tradition of picking their teeth after a meal. In fact the Japanese will do right at the dinner table by covering their mouths with one hand to "hide"it.

Which state produced the most celebrities?

It's impossible to know and calculate, since some states (i.e.--New England) have existed far longer than others (California, Idaho, Alaska), and one's definition of "celebrity" can change. For instance, would a food or fashion celebrity be considered in the same status as a celebrity gardener or mo (MORE)

What is Kiwifruit Made out of?

Kiwi fruit are a natural product that are made by the plant out of carbohydrates,fibre, protein, sugars, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium etc

Where was kiwifruit first produced?

Kiwifruit seeds were introduced into New Zealand from China in the 1st quarter of the 1900s. Its botanic name was Actinidia deliciosa , and several varieties have been produced, the Hayward variety being the most common. Since then a gold variety and a red variety ahve been introduced into commerce (MORE)

How good is kiwifruit?

To learn about the goodness of kiwi,read the following benefits: 1.good in many vitamins, 2.the high content in dietary fiber helps improving disease such as diabets, controlling sugar levels and colon cancer, 3.useful in these cases prevents asthma prevents wheezing and coughing,especially in chil (MORE)

Is the kiwifruit inedible?

No! The kiwi fruit is sold in many supermarkets around the world in many countries, although they crop under different names.