Who produces the most kiwifruit?

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Italy is number one and New Zealand is second. Bon appetit
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Why are kiwifruit called kiwifruit?

The name is taken from the kiwi birds native to New Zealand, one of the places where kiwifruit are grown. The name also suggests an appearance similar to those birds. The othe

What is a kiwifruit?

A fruit that has a fuzzy brown exterior and a green interior that taste very sweet. It is also full of vitamin C. reliable source http://thefeistyorganics.blogspot.com/

What is the origin of Kiwifruit?

Kiwifruit is native to central China. People say that kiwi fruit comes from New Zealand, but its not. Kiwi fruit actually comes from China, and was actually called Chinese goo

Why is a kiwifruit hairy?

Kiwi fruits are hairy to keep the outside of the fruit good, while the inside is being developed. It helps protect insects from eating the inside because the hairs will stick

Where is the kiwifruit grown?

Kiwifruit originated in China. They were introduced to New Zealand, where they are still grown. They are also grown in Italy (the main provider), the United States (mainly C

What is Kiwifruit Made out of?

Kiwi fruit are a natural product that are made by the plant out of carbohydrates,fibre, protein, sugars, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium etc

Where was kiwifruit first produced?

Kiwifruit seeds were introduced into New Zealand from China in the 1st quarter of the 1900s. Its botanic name was Actinidia deliciosa , and several varieties have been produc