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Who said all men are basically good?

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"All men are basically good" is a religious tenet held by many faiths. It is unclear who first said it, but I can tell you this, it certainly wasn't my last girlfriend.
mine did! it was john lock hue said that.


John Locke, you ^ guys forgot the E
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Who said all it takes for evil to win is for enough good men to do nothing?

Edmund Burke. The actual quote is: "The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing."   Addendum: The "actual quote" cannot be found. Whi

Who said all men are basically evil?

Well for one thing, The Word of God says, that all men & women are born into sin. Thus making all men women & children evil. Psalms 53: 1-3 The fool has said in his heart, The

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Charles E. Weller used the phrase "Now is the time for all good men  to come to the aid of the party" as a practice line for training  typing skills in 1867. The phrase has

Are all people basically good?

A: Some Christians say that all people are basically bad - sinners - and will do wrong unless they ask God to guide them in the right path. Others say that most people are bas