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Who said good morrow Caesar in Julius Caesar?

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Publius in the play Julius Caesar. In Act II scene 2, at the end right before sceen three. Publius: Good morrow, Caesar.
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Was Julius Caesar a good man?

  It depends on how you define 'good'. He was a soldier for the majority of his life and led armed forces into battle, so he must certainly have done a fair ammount of

Was Julius Caesar a good leader?

Yes, Julius Caesar was a good leader for his time. He rewarded his troops and thereby insured their loyalty, despite a couple of mutinies. He rewarded his political backers in

Was Julius Caesar a good person?

Julius Cesar was a good man at first, he was a military hero who seized power and made reforms, but that all changed after he had become emperor. When Julius Cesar became empe

Was Julius Caesar a good ruler?

Julius Caesar was a very good ruler. He made himself consul and dictator. He never lost a battle. He used his power to carry out plans in much needed reform, relieving debt, e

What did Julius Caesar do that was good?

Caesar was a good war hero and one every battle e en when he was outnumbered. he took oer much of France and Germany. he rebuilt cities that were destroyed and expanded Rome

What are the good points about Julius Caesar?

· - (100BC - 44BC) · - Caesar was a politician and general of the late Roman Republic · - He greatly extended the empire before making himself dictator of Rome · -He paved

Was Julius Caesar a good emperor?

He was not emperor, first Roman Emperor was Augustus. While future Empire certainly gained a lot of territory cause his military campaign he also did start a very bloody civil

How were the Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar good rulers for rome?

Julius Caesar made many changes in Rome gave land to poor romans.many Romans did not have job.julius Caesar gave jobs for these people jobs.people built new roads and temples

Was Julius Caesar a good consuler?

If you mean counselor, the only one he tutored (that we know of) was Octavian and then only in some of the ways of the army and politics. If you mean a a consul, the answer wo