Who said the phrase 'All humor is irony but not all irony is humor'?

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Simon Pegg
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What is humor?

Humor is something you do or say to make someone laugh.

How do you do humor?

The keys to humor I have found are the correct uses of Irony, uniqueness, timing and the understanding of your surroundings. For example, irony makes people think irregularly

What is humoral?

It means belonging to hormones or chemicals . . It means to belong to "humors" which at one time people believed where out of balance if someone was ill. They often bled tha

What is irony humor?

Irony Humor is when something ironic is funny. For example, if you were saying something like "What if Joe slipped that note in the wrong locker," and he did, that would be

What is the irony in out out?

the irony is that the boys hand gets cut off and while holding his hand apart from his body he still thinks that theres hope for his hand to get fixed or not to be cut by the
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What humor is?

Humor is something that amuses you and you get to laugh because ofit. But there is also good and bad humor both. AND makes you laughreal hard.
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What is humorable?

Humorable means something that is funny. Ex: that was a humorable joke.