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He is a singer, songwriter, music producer, entertainer, author and actor who was born in Brooklyn, New York, June 17, 1943. He currently resides in Palm Springs, California.
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Who was barry manilow married to?

Barry Manilow was married to Susan Deixler. They got married in 1964, but it ended in 1965

Is it okay to have a fascination with Barry Manilow?

Of course it's OK. I am a straight middle aged male and a amateur piano player. His music touches me like no other. Needless to say I love ballads and his are the best. There

Why is Barry Manilow unpopular?

AnswerIt is impossible to stereotype Barry Manilow as "unpopular". Perhaps now he is not very well known by the younger generation, but back in his day he was very popular! Ba

Where is barry manilow going on tour?

December 7-11 Las Vegas, NV February 2-4 Chicago, IL Feb 10-14 New York City, NY May 15 London, UK May 17 Birmingham, UK May 19 Manchester, UK May 21 Glasgow, UK