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Who was Captain Kirk's helmsman?

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Hikaru Sulu, played by George Takei
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Why was Captain Kirk's uniform yellow?

Uniforms were colored by departmental divisions, namely command, operations, and sciences. Circa 2265, the colors used were lime-green (appeared yellow or gold on camera) for

Where is kirk's coffee on back lot island?

You have to get two smaller coffees of different types, one from each shop, and mix them. At the first Queequeg's (next to the Talent Agency), they are out of Lattes. Get an

Where is kirk's trailer on back lot island?

It is one block down and one block right from Sound Stage 1. One block down and one block right of Sound Stage 1, which is where you start from, in the upper left hand corner

What is Captain Kirk's brother's first name?

George   George   NO, no, no! The first name of Captain Kirk's older brother was Samuel, or Sam as the Captain called him. Sam was later killed.   His name was George

What is Captain Kirk's birthday?

  James Tiberius Kirk I believe was born on March 22, 2225. If you go down to Reception on the site below, the picture has a date on it :MArch 22, 2225. Of course, that ma