Who was Zeus' favorite?

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His daughter Athena was.
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Who was Zeus' favorite daughter?

Zeus's favorite daughter was Athena and Artemis myths say that he had two favorite daughter. (they said he liked Artemis better in one and Athena better then the other So you

What are Zeus favorites?

He is in love with Hera, his favorite daughter is Athena, and he loves to see Artemis hunt, and using weapons Ares makes...(Hepaustus was known to be lazy with his work. That'

Who was zeus' favorite city-state?

From every thing I have heard personally, I think Zeus's favorite city state is Olympia . This is where the Olympics were held every four years in his honor.

What were Zeus favorite city and state?

In ancient Greece, there was no such thing as separate cities and states. These were combined into city states (called a polis) which consisted of a city and all the surroundi

What was Zeus' favorite sister?

No one really knows whos his favorite sister. My guess is that Hera is his favorite sister, saying that he married her.
In Athena (Minerva)

Why was Athena Zeus' favorite child?

this is a hard question to answer. thankfully, Athena's helping me answer it. thank her, cause this is embarrassing for her. because she had a sense of justice, which is st