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Who was the Mormon leader during the move to Salt Lake City?

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Brigham Young.
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What is the address for the Salt Lake City Mormon Temple?

  Physical Address:   50 North West Temple St   Salt Lake City, UT 84150   United States     Mailing address:   50 West North Temple Street   Salt La

When did the Mormons leave for Salt Lake City?

In the winter of 1845-1846, the saints began their preparation to migrate to the West in search of a "New Zion." In the Spring of 1846, they began their large migration and ar

Is heroin in Salt Lake City downtown?

Yes. Ever been down by the homeless shelter/Gateway? Heroin/Crack dealers crawling all over that area. The Hispanic (ones who speak really bad English) are who sell the real s

Who led the Mormons to Salt Lake City Utah?

Brigham Young lead the first group of Mormon Pioneers to Salt Lake City, Utah. Later groups were lead by experienced trail guides who had traveled the trail with Brigham Young

Were most Mormons disappointed when they reach salt lake?

A: Joseph Smith, the first prophet of the restored Church of Christ (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) saw in vision the area where the Saints would find securi

Does Salt Lake City lake have salt water?

The Great Salt Lake in Salt Lake City is salty. It is one of the most salty lakes in the world. Probably the Dead Sea is the only body of water that is saltier in the world.

Why did the Mormons move to Salt Lake City Utah?

The Latter-Day Saints, or "Mormons", originally settled in Independence, Missouri, but were quickly driven out by its other occupants. They then settled in what became Nauvoo,

Why did Brigham Young choose Salt Lake City for the Mormons?

Several years earlier, before Joseph Smith was murdered, he had prophesied that the Latter-day Saints would have to move west to the Rocky Mountains to flee persecution. Becau

What was the original name of Salt Lake City?

Salt Lake City's original name was Deseret. It was named by Mormans (members of the Church of Jesus Christ) who were kicked out of (at first) New York State because many peopl

How did Salt lake city get its name?

    Salt Lake City got it's name from being so close to the Great Salt Lake. The Great Salt Lake was once apart of A very large lake named Lake Bonneville that once co