Who was the President of the US during the time of the annexation of Hawaii?

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William McKinley.
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Who was the US President when Hawaii was annexed?

William McKinley was the US president when Hawaii was added to the US in 1898. If became a state under Eisenhower in August of 1959. Captain James Cook 'discovered' Hawaii in

Which us president withdrew the treaty that would annex hawaii?

Grover Cleveland was the United States President who withdrew thetreaty that would have annex Hawaii. President Harrison sent thetreaty to Congress in his last month of his Pr

Why was the US annexation of Hawaii delayed until McKinley became President?

Grover Cleveland was firmly opposed to annexation without the "will of the people" being the cornerstone for such an action. Because Asians were denied the vote and Native Haw
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Vice president of the us during Texas annexation?

There was no VP when Congress and the President approved the annexation of Texas, but when the Texas legislature accepted the resolution, George Dallas was the VP.