Who was the first President of Burkina Faso?

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Maurice Yaméogo was the first President of Upper Volta, later renamed Burkina Faso.
Thomas Isidore Noël Sankara was the President who changed the country's name to Burkina Faso.

Maurice Yaméogo was the President of Upper Volta from 1958 October 21 to 1966 January 3. He was previously the acting President from 1958 July 22, and continued as President of Upper Volta after independence from France on 1960 August 5. He would make it a one-party state by outlawing opposition parties.

Thomas Sankara was the President from 1983 August 4 to 1987 October 15. He came to power in a military coup. He renamed the country Burkina Faso on 1984 August 4. His presidency ended with his assassination and another coup.
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Burkina Faso used to be called Haute Volta in French or Upper Volta in English. That was before the young revolutionary socialist Thomas Sankara became president in the early