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The BSA did not track individual ethnicity until recently, so it is difficult to track the first black Eagle Scout.

For some time Edgar Cunningham, Sr. was the earliest known black Eagle Scout in the United States. Cunningham was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and was a member of Troop 12 in Waterloo, Iowa in what was then Wapsipinicon Area Council, now the Winnebago Council. Troop 12 was a colored troop formed in 1925 during the period when Scout units were segregated and, with Troop 9, was one of the two colored troops in Waterloo formed by James Lincoln Page. Cunningham was the first Scout in either of the Waterloo colored troops to earn Eagle Scout on June 8, 1926. He received a hand-written letter from President Calvin Coolidge acknowledging him as the first black Eagle Scout and Scoutmaster Page received a presidential citation.

Recently it was discovered that Harry Cooper of Troop 92, Kansas City Council- now Heart of America Council -earned Eagle Scout in September 1920.

International Scouting Collectors Journal, Vol 9, No 3, Sep 2009, pp 49-52
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