Who were Zeus' lovers?

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Now that really depends on who you count as a "lover."
Do you want to include events like Zeus taking the form of a swan and raping a princess named Leda?
Not joking, now try to imagine it.
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Who was Zeus' lover?

Hera was Zeus's wife. but he had a lot of lovers, for instance, Maia, Leto, Danaë, Io, Leda, etc.

Were Zeus and Aphrodite lovers?

Both Zeus and Aphrodite were prolific paramours, however I can recall no instance of them ever getting together.. Addition :. There is one story, though, that Zeus made adva

Who is Zeus male lover?

Ganyede, the Trojan prince and the son of Eponymous Tros Of Dardania and Callirrhoe

Why were Zeus and Demeter lovers?

Zeus and Demeter were not lovers. Demeter bore a daughter by Zeus named Persephone (Kore), however Zeus married his other sister, Hera. (Note that Zeus mated with many other g

Who is lover of Zeus?

Zeus had many one time lovers but Hera is technically his wife and lover. Zeus is known for being a terrible cheat.