Who were the perpetrators of Iraq Kurdish Genocide?

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The perpetrators were the members of the Ba'athist regime. The leader of the regime was Saddam Hussein

Who were the perpetrators of the Rwanda genocides?

This is a very tricky question to answer as it is still part of hisorical debate. Though, I believe those with most political power, mainly Hutu, were the initial orchestrator

Why did the Kurdish genocide occur?

Answer 1 Because kurdish people want to get their freedom , and have theirown land not associated with arabs . So saddam regime genocide themso as to get rid of the kurdish p

Who was the main perpetrator of the Armenian Genocide?

The main perpetrator(s) was the Ottoman political party at the time called the Community for Union and Progress (CUP) and the "butcher battalions" that the hired to cover up t

What was the Iraq genocide?

The Iraq genocide represents a series of events in which US Marines and the British Armed Forces systematically executed civillian personell at the time during and just after

Who perpetrated the kurdish genocide?

The Anfal Campaign, which is the largest Kurdish genocide in recent history, was perpetrated by Saddam Hussein's Iraq. However, there have been more minor massacres perpetrate