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Who were the perpetrators of Iraq Kurdish Genocide?

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The perpetrators were the members of the Ba'athist regime. The leader of the regime was Saddam Hussein
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How do Kurdish men from Iraq treat their girlfriends or wives?

Some can treat them extremely badly. They believe women are objects  and make rules and if the women don't do as they are told they may  kill them through shooting or live b

How do you say im kurdish in kurdish?

There are TWO different MAIN dialects; Sorani and Kurmanji In Sorani you say: Mn Kurdm In Kurmanji you say: Az Kurdm

A sentence for perpetrate?

The 2 men decided to perpetrate a crime against the jewelry store.

What is the definition of perpetrator?

A perpetrator is a person who commits a serious crime or evil action, causing grievous harm or death to the victim. It is also used of those who commit atrocities. Someone who

Why did the Kurdish genocide occur?

Answer 1   Because kurdish people want to get their freedom , and have their  own land not associated with arabs . So saddam regime genocide them  so as to get rid of th

Do kurdish love their kurdish wifes?

Well, if your married to someone. im going to assume you love them. so yes. they treat them with the upmost respect (most of them at least) and love them.

What is the genocide about?

genocide is the deliberate attempt to wipe out an entire nation or group of people. in WWII, Adolf Hitler tried to wipe out all Jews, Gypsies, and other religions because he w

What does perpetrator mean?

The person who does something. Usually it's something bad. "A murder has been committed, but police have caught the perpetrator"

What is an alleged perpetrator?

An alleged perpetrator is only under suspicion until proven that they are a perpetrator. The word 'alleged' is a legal term used when they have no evidence to prove the indivi

What consequences if any did the perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide suffer as a result of their actions?

Many of the perpetrators of the Rwandan Genocide were tried and  received life sentences. Unfortunately, many of those who  participated in the genocide ran away to other co