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Who were the perpetrators of the Cambodian genocide?

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Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot's guidance.
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What were the 8 stages of Cambodian genocide?

Classification   Ethnically   the targets were Vietnamese, Chinese, Muslims, and Buddhist monksPeople residing in urbanized areas and citiesUpper class    Bans  

Where did the Cambodian genocide take place?

In the numerous "killing fields" all across the country of  Cambodia. The genocide did not happen in just one place.    Probably the most important and most famous kil

What are some causes of the Cambodian genocide?

Cambodian leaders of the group Khmer Rouge wanted to return the country to a peasant state so they rounded up the intelligent and educated and brought them to what became know

How the cambodian genocide?

Evil dictator kills lots of people, it's a familiar story. Well, there's a bit more to it then that. Cambodian leaders of the group Khmer Rouge wanted to return the country to

How did they end the Cambodian genocide?

The Khmer Rouge regime was toppled by the Vietnamese invasion. Funny how people keep using Pol Pot as an example of how bad communism is, yet it also took another communist co

Who was targeted in the Cambodian genocide?

Because Pol Pot wanted to eliminate all traces of the corrupt former regime and start fresh at year zero, he targeted intellectuals, professionals, government before the reign