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Who were the three mighty Bicolano heroes in the epic of Ibalon?

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Baltog, Handyong and Bantong.
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The epic hero represents a?

ideal for what a culture thinks people should be like

What are not a quality associated with epic heroes?

There are many various qualities that aren't associated with an  epic hero, some of which would be:    They are willing to betray their comrades for the greater  good.

What 2 lessons can you learn from the story of ibalon an epic from bicol?

1. A good leader must always be ready. We need to remember that being a good leader takes a lot of courage to lead in change within one specific place. A leader must learn h

How do Achilles and Gilgamesh compare as epic heros?

1. Both were part man, part god   2. Both are not good Shepherds to their people (Gilgamesh's mistreatment of people of Uruk/Achilles fight with Agamemnon leads to Patrocl

What is the Epic hero cycle for the Odyssey?

The hero is charged with a quest: Odysseus must go save Helen in the Trojan War. The hero is tested through adventures with adversaries both terrible and beautiful: Circe, Cal

Who are the bicolano heroes?

Simeon Ola

How does odyssey relate to Homer's epic and the hero Odysseus?

Odyssey was the epic poem from Homer that described the adventures of Odysseus after the victory in Troy. He tried to go back home to his faithfull wife Penelope but because h

What is the definition of an epic hero?

the main character or protagonist in an epic that is heroically larger than life, often the source and subject of legend or a national hero

What are characteristics of epic heroes?

They are set apart from ordinary people at an early age. They must  face many obstacles, some of which may have supernatural origins.  At the end of their journey, they must

The hero in an epic?

embodies the strengths and moral qualities of his or her culture. Must possess the characteristics of an epic hero which are: 1. The hero is introduced in the midst of turmoil

What is an example of a modern epic hero?

An example of a modern day epic hero could be Katniss  Everdeen from The Hunger Games.

What is epic hero?

An example of an epic hero is Achilles. He displays skills in war, courage and pride for himself and the gods. In an epic there are three big themes and these themes correspon

How is Frodo an epic hero?

well an epic hero is somebody who is larger than life, and somebody who goes on a long journey. an epic hero also cant be perfect they have to have a weakness. with frodo he n

Who were some of the epic heroes in literature?

Literature is filled with epic heroes. Starting with one of the most widely read and circulated pieces of literature, the Bible, epic heroes include Abraham, Moses, St. Paul,