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Who were the three mighty Bicolano heroes in the epic of Ibalon?

Baltog, Handyong and Bantong.
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What can you tell us about your involvement with PETA?

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What do tragic heroes and epic heroes have in common?

Tragic and Epic heroes have some common traits, such as their upbringing, or their actions during the story's exposition. In the start a story, both heroes are of noble statur (MORE)
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What is the Epics Heros Cycle?

1. Hero has supernatural qualities 2. Hero receives quest3. Hero is tested by episodic obstacles4. Presence of mythical beings and companions5. Hero travels to supernatural wo (MORE)

Remembering NFL Heroes on Memorial Day

Many Americans see Memorial Day as a wonderful way to prepare for the upcoming Summer with a nice cookout or relaxing day off. The reality is that Memorial Day is a federal ho (MORE)
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5 Unlikely Action Heroes In Movies

Action heroes tend to be tall, muscular, and stoic, but these action heroes break the mold and show us that you don't have to look like a body builder to be a hero. Warning: t (MORE)

What is a characteristic of an epic hero?

By definition, an Epic Hero is a hero whose actions have a lasting impact on their culture or race. George Washington would be an Epic Hero by that definition, as would Shaka (MORE)
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What are Characteristic of the Anglo-Saxon Epic Hero?

Characteristics of the Anglo-Saxon Epic Hero Are:1.Man of a high rank within the society he lives in whose actions affect the fate of his people.2. Strength, bravery, quick wi (MORE)

What are characteristics of epic heroes?

They are set apart from ordinary people at an early age They  must face many obstacles, some of which may have supernatural  origins.  - At the end of their journey they mu (MORE)

How is Frodo an epic hero?

well an epic hero is somebody who is larger than life, and somebody who goes on a long journey. an epic hero also cant be perfect they have to have a weakness. with frodo he n (MORE)
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Top 10 Anti-Heroes in Film

Traditionally a hero is a do-gooder who is admired and respected for their selfless acts of bravery and kindness. But sometimes we find ourself rooting for a character that do (MORE)