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Who were the three mighty Bicolano heroes in the epic of Ibalon?

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Baltog, Handyong and Bantong.
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What do tragic heroes and epic heroes have in common?

Tragic and Epic heroes have some common traits, such as their upbringing, or their actions during the story's exposition. In the start a story, both heroes are of noble statur

What 2 lessons can you learn from the story of ibalon an epic from bicol?

1. A good leader must always be ready. We need to remember that being a good leader takes a lot of courage to lead in change within one specific place. A leader must learn h

What is the Epics Heros Cycle?

1. Hero has supernatural qualities 2. Hero receives quest 3. Hero is tested by episodic obstacles 4. Presence of mythical beings and companions 5. Hero travels to supernatura

What is the summary of the epic of Ibalon?

kito mag-aral ka naman! di yung nakawiki ka ng nakawiki! xD try mo tumambay sa library! it is about the king who protect his kingdom to monsters IBALON EPIC FROM BICOL A l

What are the 7 characteristics of an epic and epic heroes?

an epic hero must have these 7 characteristics:   1. an epic hero must have a royal birth   2. an epic hero must have an epic flaw   3. an epic hero must perform e

What are the character traits of an epic hero?

A epic hero is someone that is always there when maybe their loved  one or anyone for that matter is in trouble.   Also someone that always thinks of the safety of others

What are the characteristics of an epic hero?

An epic hero is a person of talent or of high class, someone respected by others. Always on the side of truth he need not be perfect. Epic heroes have always had one trait in

The hero in an epic?

embodies the strengths and moral qualities of his or her culture. Must possess the characteristics of an epic hero which are: 1. The hero is introduced in the midst of turmoil

What is an epic hero?

An important figure from a history or legend, usually favored of descended from a deity, but is aligned more closely with mortals. An example is Odysseus from "The Odyssey". -

What is epic hero?

An example of an epic hero is Achilles. He displays skills in war, courage and pride for himself and the gods. In an epic there are three big themes and these themes correspon