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Who were the three mighty Bicolano heroes in the epic of Ibalon?

Baltog, Handyong and Bantong.
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How is Spider-Man an epic hero?

spiderman is an epic hero bcuz he is brave, strong, smart, clever, he is willing to do anything for his ppl, has super powers, honorable, respectful, fearless, compassionate, … (MORE)

How is Frodo an epic hero?

well an epic hero is somebody who is larger than life, and somebody who goes on a long journey. an epic hero also cant be perfect they have to have a weakness. with frodo he n… (MORE)

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What is the Epics Heros Cycle?

1. Hero has supernatural qualities 2. Hero receives quest3. Hero is tested by episodic obstacles4. Presence of mythical beings and companions5. Hero travels to supernatural wo… (MORE)