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Who will die in the Lost season 5 finale?

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Did doug die in weeds season 4 finale and will season 5 be last for weeds?

No, Doug did not die, he was just being a pervert and wanted to simulate choking himself. Yes, season 5 is the final season....bummer!     I just read that there will

Where can you download Lost season 5?

Here is another good resource to download lost season 5 - http://lost.download-tvshows.com/ You can also use the above link for downloading lost season 6 and to get updates r

When is lost season 5?

lost season 5 starts on Sunday 25th Jan 2009 @9pm on RTE2 with the 2hr premiere lost season 5 starts on Sunday 25th Jan 2009 @9pm on RTE2 with the 2hr premiere

What happens in lost season 5?

After Ben turns the wheel, the Island and everybody who is there experienced time flashes. It had bad consequences on everybody so Locke decided to bring Oceanic 6 back to sto

When is Lost returning for their final season?

Lost will return for its final season in January 2010. However, ABC plans to run four episodes in January and then go on a short hiatus, not showing any new episodes in Februa

How many eppisodes in lost final season?

18 episodes. There are currently 12 episode titles released. Episode 1: LAX Episode 2: LAX (2) Episode 3: What Kate Does Episode 4: The Substitute Episode 5: Lightho

What happened in the season finale of LOST?

After he saves the island, Jack dies. He is greeted by his father and everyone who was important to him on the island. Everyone has died and they waited on Jack before they be

Who dies in lost season 5?

Charlotte dies because of the flashes, Helen(Locke's girlfriend i think) dies of a brain anurism, Matthew Abaddon is shot by Ben, Daniel Faraday is shot by his mother, and man