Why Does Food Freeze In The Fridge?

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Your fridge is set too high! It doesnt need to be as cold as people think. Also, it could be that your fridge is old and needs replacing :)
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How come my fridge won't freeze when loaded with food even after the compressor has been changed but when I almost empty it it starts to freeze again?

Try letting it freeze, not opening the door for hours, and when it's completely cold, quickly load it.. Don't open the door again for a few more hours.. A freezer works more

Why do carrots start to freeze in the fridge?

If it is the frost that forms on the surface, which you are thinking of, I believe it is because the water content of the carrot allows it to evaporate in the low-humidity of

Why is the fridge freezing food at the bottom?

The refrigerator temperature control(s) is set to high. The refrigerator may have one or two controls. . If it has only one control , it is used for the freezing(freez

Why is freezing chest of fridge fitted on top?

This is because the hot air of the rises up and goes out thus vacuum is created, so cold air comes in the low pressure point formed. thus the hot air is absorbed by

How do you stop carrots freezing in the fridge?

Turn up the refrigerator. If the carrots are freezing so are other things such as eggs. Where you put them could also be a factor, but if any part of the fridge freezes, it is

What happens when food rots in the fridge?

When it rots, it will leave a smell in your fridge if its been in their for to long. Don't put it in the trash. It will make your trash bin smell also. So just put it in the f

Will food freeze at 30 degrees in a fridge?

that would be a NO! The freezing point of water is 0 degrees centigrade or 32 degree farhneit .Hence food will freeze only in a freezer as it maintains a temperature below f

What is the function of the freezing compartment in a fridge?

The function of a freezing compartment in a refrigerator is tocreate a separate compartment at a colder temperature than the mainrefrigerator compartment. The food items put i

Why your fridge freeze things?

If you mean, why does my fridge freeze things? It means that it is set a temperature that is too cold. Set it about 6-7 degrees above freezing. You should have a thermostat to