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Why are Europe's clean energy sources importana to the region?

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Europe is a very modern and developed continent. It thinks towards the future, which is why clean energy is important to Europe and is widely used throughout the continent.
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Is wind source clean energy?

  Yes. There is some pollution and carbon dioxide emitted in the manufacture of the turbines, but once they are installed they are very easy to maintain and they produce

Europe's 5 regions?

Politically: 1.Western Europe: UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands and so on, 2.Central Europe: Poland, Hungary et cetera 3.Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Russia, Mol

Is geothermal energy a clean renewable source?

  Well, it uses the almost never-ending stream of energy from the core of the earth; some 1% of the heat in the core of the earth could power the world for over 100 years.

Is nuclear a clean energy source?

Compared to everything else we have currently? Yeah. But there's a lot of hysterics and bad information out there. So, here you go: The uranium which powers a nuclear reacto
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What is a clean energy source that is an alternative to fossil fuels?

Currently the best bets for keeping the world both clean and efficient, mainly include water power. This creates lots more electricity than wind energy, and is relatively comm
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Is Nuclear power plant a clean energy source?

Arguably it is while it is producing electricity, but if you look  at how the fuel is mined and refined and the effort needed to build  then decommission a plant then store