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Why are the units of work and energy same?

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Work and Energy have the same unit because they are intimately related by the Work-Energy Theorem. This states that the Work done on an object moving from point A to point B is the difference in the Kinetic Energy it has at the two points. In simplified form it says that in order to do Work, you must use Energy; you can never do Work without using Energy, and so for convenience we give them the same unit. You didn't ask about Heat, but it really ought to be mentioned here, too; when you use Energy to do Work, some of the Energy usually gets converted to Heat by friction, so we can and do also use the same unit for Heat. Work and Energy and Heat are not the same thing, but they are inextricably related. By extension, the Theorem lets us define forms of Energy other than Kinetic Energy which enable us to do Work: Chemical Energy, Electrical Energy, Nuclear Energy, Gravitational Energy, etc. The SI unit of work or energy is Newton-meter (Nm). Another name for it is Joule (J). 1 joule is defined as the work done when a force of one newton acts over one metre of distance. 1 joule is also the amount of heat dissipated when a current of 1 ampere passes through a resistor of 1 ohm for 1 second (or 1 watt-second). Please use the following link to confirm the accuracy of the information presented here, or for more information.
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What is the SI unit for force and height and work and mass and energy?

Each of those quantities has a different SI unit. They are: Force. . . . . . . . . Newton Height (length) . Meter Work. . . . . . . . . Joule Mass. . . . . . . . . Kilogram E

What is the SI unit or work and energy?

The Joule is the SI unit of energy or work. 1 Joule = (1 Newton)*(1 meter) or 1 kg*m 2 /s 2

Why is the joule a unit of energy and a unit of work?

Because energy and work have the same 'dimensions', which is the scientist's way of saying they both have the same make-up of the basic units, which are length, mass, and time

Why is energy measured in the same unit as work?

  Because energy and work have the same dimensions: energy is the ability to do work and work is the expenditure of energy. The SI unit is the joule.
In Biology

Unit of energy?

The most common unit of energy in biology is calories. A calorie is  a unit of energy, require to raise 1 kilogram of water to 4.1868  joules.