Why are you a democrat?

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Because I know every private employer in America is dependent in some way on public investment -- whether it's roads and water systems or Courts and Clerks offices or police and fire or national defense or even if they're selling things to the government -- and reducing government spending does nothing but stifle the private sector.
Because I know cutting tax rates also decreases tax revenues.
Because I know rapists shouldn't have parental rights.
Because I know reducing unemployment below five percent doesn't destroy the economy.
Because I know the loss of one man's rights is the loss of all men's rights.
Because I know the rights endowed by the Creator must be protected by good honest men and women.
Because I know not to forget to include women when I write about these things.
And because I am hopeful and I believe in the future of The United States of America and I am willing to take part in our civic society to protect all the things that make our country great.
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What is democratic?

Democratic is a form of government by the people and for the people.

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I've been thinking about this for years and still can find no good reason. Good luck in your quest though.

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These are elected officials in a democracy who do the work of government for the voting public. The USA is an example of a democratic republic.

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