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Why are your hands nose and feet always cold?

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Body temperature depends on amount of blood supply. Those parts farthest away from the heart get relatively less blood and hence feel colder.
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Why is your nose always cold?

 The tip of your nose extends out from your face, and its surface  area/volume is high (which means that this is a large part of your  face on the outside, but has a large

Why are my hands and nose cold?

It could be a sign of a cold or something similar to that. Or it could just be that you have some cold temperature or the A/C on. because we don't have someone to warm them

Why are your feet always cold and sweaty?

I'm not an MD but this is my best guess:. When water evaporates from your body, a lot of heat is taken away with that water. So that's why you feel so cold after a shower and

Why are your hands and feet always cold?

This is one possible side effect of having certain medical conditions, such as diabetes. Also, some people who lead a sedentary lifestyle can have this as a result of not bein

Why are your feet always cold?

You may have cold feet because of poor blood curculation in your feet you can always lose heat from your feet so make sure you wear socks/slippers even in bedActually you need

What is it when your so cold and got cold feet nose and hands?

Bad blood circulation and/or quickly escaping bodyheat (in cold weather for instance) so your body focuses on the vital organs having the needed blood and staying warm.   I

Why is your feet always cold?

My feet are always cold because I always sit on the computer for extended periods of time. I recommend not to sit on the computer for a long time because your veins really nee

Are vampires hands always cold?

It depends on what vampires. Darren Shan vampires hands are only really cold if there in somthing cold lol but twilight vampires hands are purmanly cold.

Why are your hands always cold and yellow?

they're probably cold cause you've been outside and they shouldn't be yellow if so then you should either tell your parents and they'll probably take you to the docter.

Why is your left hand always cold?

The question should be why is MY left hand always cold. My left hand is never cold but my sisters is always. The reasons could be: No blood circulation Body is on a low temp.
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Is it normal for your hands to always be cold?

Not necessarily. Some people have a slight problem with their circulation, or they are very sensitive to changes in temperature, and their hands feel cold even on a warm day.
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How come my feet are always cold?

1. Because you can feel cold. 2. Because you are standing in snow (ice, unheated water, etc.). 3. Because you have a circulation problem. (DIABETES) BTW, one day you may not