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Why aren't all the questions answered?

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The questions on this site are answered by people like you, that come to the site and want to help other people. More people ask than answer. Why not pitch in and answer a few questions yourself?
It will also help if the questions are spelled correctly and they have all the information necessary. Sometimes we can't answer because we don't know what you are referring to.
Thanks for the feedback!

Why aren't questions on this site getting answered in a timely manner?

  WikiAnswers is a site of volenteers and the public. We do not answer questions without the correct answer. There are millions of questions on this site that need a corre

Why does WikiAnswers have questions that aren't yet answered?

Some people don't have answers. Like, "What's the cure for diabetes?" Do you think we're getting that answer anytime soon? Sometimes, the person who asks ask the question with

What Is The Question The answer to which Answers ALL Questions?

Why are we here? One out of lore is: "How do you cure a Fisher King wound?" And theanswer to that one, which is also a question, and it answers mostother questions is, "Can yo

Why aren't my questions answered?

Your questions probably aren't answered because no one knows the answers to them, they aren't fact (they're opinion), or they don't seem worthy of answering.

Why aren't you answering the questions i ask you?

Actual people answer these questions, and if nobody who knows the answer has seen your question, then you'll have to wait for it to get answered.   You might also want to t

Why aren't your questions answered?

  There are lots and lots of questions (8,000,000+) that have to be answered and there is a less amount of people that answer.

Why aren't all questions allowed in WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers is a family-oriented website - we like to keep things G-Rated when possible. We also have to comply with laws, and whether you like it or not, there are laws about

Why would I ask anything if my questions aren't answered?

There is always the possibility that someone who was not previously  a contributor may show up and begin to answer questions that you  left on the site. Sure, it may take mo
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Why aren't any of the questions being submitted are answered?

Possibly because you're submitting questions that no one is interested in answering. Questions are answered by volunteers, so if your question is difficult and boring, or if i