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The questions on this site are answered by people like you, that come to the site and want to help other people. More people ask than answer. Why not pitch in and answer a few questions yourself?

It will also help if the questions are spelled correctly and they have all the information necessary. Sometimes we can't answer because we don't know what you are referring to.

How can you find all the questions that you have answered on WikiAnswers?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nYou can find a list [chronological by date] of all of your contributions by:\n. \n1. Sign in.\n. \n2. Click on "Settings."\n. \n3. In the column on the right of your Settings page there will be a paragraph which reads "You can keep track of your own changes and additions through your "CONTRIBUTIONS" list. The word contributions will be be in blue type and underlined.\n. \n4. CLICK ON the word CONTRIBUTIONS, and a new screen will come up showing a chronological list of your contributions.

Why doesn't Answers.com have all the answers to your questions?

Answers.com answers Answers.com is comprised of reference information (like encyclopedias), how-to and explanatory videos, and a wiki-based Q&A community. Between these types of information, the site strives to get you answers, and more than that - the best answers out there. If your question hasn't already been asked on the site, it won't yet have an answer. Then you can submit it and get updated when an answer is given by the community. Alternatively, you can search for topics and get full pages of information about the topic to browse. You can also search the video library for relevant videos on the topic you are seeking answers in.

Why so many questions where are all the answers?

go to the answer page and dont cuss. Answer . I can understand the frustration. Think about what you're tapping into when you come to this site. Hundreds of thousands of people visit this site, just like you . Nobody (as far as I am aware) among the regular users is paid anything to submit questions, answer questions, or edit material. You become part of a gigantic network of Incredibly-Super-Sized-Giga-Giga-Mega-Mega-Maxi-Unimaginably-Powerful Computers (our human brains). It's as if this network is a living thing. It's taking on a character of its own, and it is unlike any individual that's taking part. It's like a youngster just learning about everything, and going through the "Terrible-Twos". There are hundreds of thousands more questions than there are people doing the answering. You could try answering a few.. The site is in a way tapping into this weird, huge 'mind', and as we get glimpses of what this 'mind' is about, we're finding things out about our passions, fears, angers, joys,... you get the point. You might find yourself learning some things from this evolving 'mind', and you might get to like it!

Answers in all questions in the movie the core?

\n . \n Answer \n. \n42 \n . \n pLease answer \n. \nwhat was the cause of the death of 32 civilians within 10 mile block radius in the film? why did the wrist watch stopped ticking? .

It seems all your question never have answers?

That is not true. Many questions have no answers, but often this is because the question is asked in a confusing way or too vaguely. For example "How do you thefuel on the bottom" Such a question has no answer. A clear question is more likely to be answered. Something like... "Which petrol engine was fitted to the 2004 Chrysler Regal XRS"

When people die are all of their questions answered?

Yes, because that is what the bible says so deal with it. Or i will slap you up side your head. Kiss my booty.

Why aren't questions on this site getting answered in a timely manner?

WikiAnswers is a site of volunteers and the public. There aremillions of questions on this site that need a correct answer, andmany fewer volunteers answering than people asking. This takestime. Be patient; if your question makes sense, it will likely beanswered. If you want to jump in and answer something for someoneelse, feel free. The more we help each other, the faster we willall get answers.

Is there a single list of all the answered questions?

There are millions of answered questions. It is impossible to list them, because people answer questions daily.

Who is the person who answers all of these questions?

There is no single person ! This site is viewed by millions of registered and un-registered users around the world. Anyone who visits can answer questions.

Do all questions really get answered here?

No; some are left unattended and are eventually forgotten. However, we still try our hardest to answer every single question; that's the goal of WikiAnswers.

Why does WikiAnswers have questions that aren't yet answered?

Some people don't have answers. Like, "What's the cure for diabetes?" Do you think we're getting that answer anytime soon? Sometimes, the person who asks ask the question with grammar and spelling makes it hard for the person viewing it to answer. Say for example (and I have mistakes on purpose), "Wat is tird plant from the son?" when they are really trying to say, " What is the third planet from the sun?" Some questions are just ignored and shunned from the public, never to be seen again until asked. Because no one has answered it.

What Is The Question The answer to which Answers ALL Questions?

Why are we here? One out of lore is: "How do you cure a Fisher King wound?" And theanswer to that one, which is also a question, and it answers mostother questions is, "Can you forgive yourself?"

All you see here is questions where are the answers?

WikiAnswers is a website in progress still, as many questions are asked but a third or less get answered. WikiAnswers thrives on contributors to answer questions and make the site better. These volunteer contributors put hundreds of hours in for WikiAnswers to answer questions to improve the overall quality of the site. If you know the answer to a question, answer it. The answers do not automatically pop up here and appear from thin air - they have to get here some how. This answer misses the point. Or at least many of us cannot find tne answers. Questions that have answers do not show the answers. Why not?

How can you see all answers to a question in WikiAnswers?

By clicking on the Question history in the Question tools , a Contributor can see all the edits to an answer to a given question. The current answer might not have all those answers, but each one can be reviewed individually by going back through the Question history.

Why aren't my questions answered?

Your questions probably aren't answered because no one knows the answers to them, they aren't fact (they're opinion), or they don't seem worthy of answering.

Who answers all these questions on WikiAnswers?

Everyone! Anyone can share their knowledge or ask questions onWikiAnswers. That's what makes it a WIKI. If you know the answer toan unanswered question, you can share it. If you see an answer thatyou can expand on, you can edit it. If you see an answer that'sjust flat-out incorrect, you can update it. We encourage users toresearch answers thoroughly. More takes from WikiAnswers contributors: . It could be anyone at all, even your next door neighbor.WikiAnswers is a collaborative effort. There are many peopleworking out the answers here at the site. Your question wasanswered by a WikiSupervisor who happened to see it. Join the effort! Cruise a category that interests you and find aquestion you know something about. Everyone is an expert onsomething... find your category. . Users do. That is the beauty of this site. We ask our ownquestions and answer those of each other. It is a fairly easy wayto share information. Now, since this is composed of user-generatedcontent, you can't be sure that every single answer is true. Thissite is not a substitute for research, but it is a good and helpfulplace to start. . Any contributor can come to WikiAnswers and browse questions.If they know the answer, they can answer it. . Some people research their answers, just like me. I sometimesknow the answer too. And there are people that work in the field,have hobbies and life experiences and read a lot. Everyone hassomething useful to contribute. . If the person who answered a question is a registered user,you'll be able to see who answered (and award them a trust point --if they have earned it, of course). . Anyone who visits can ask questions, and also can answerquestions. We are ordinary people from many different countries;most of the regulars have become addicted to the site because it isso much fun to find questions to answer, and to interact withothers who come to visit. We are not paid, and we are notrecruited. There may be some people connected with support or sitedevelopment who get compensation of some kind; I don't really knowfor sure. We were talking about a possible conference at some time;I think that idea is on the back burner at this point. . All registered and unregistered users from around the worldwrite the answers on WikiAnswers.com. . WA gets its answers from contributors around the world. Theymay be an expert or specialist in an area of knowledge; they mightbe a general genius willing to share anything and everything theyknow; or they might be the average person on the street with accessto the Internet and some vague idea of what the right answer to aquestion is. Some answers are researched thoroughly in order to getthe most correct information possible; others are just a quick notemade by someone who watched a documentary once. . The questions on WikiAnswers are answered by others who come tothe website. Some of them may be people who actually know theanswers, or who take the time to look them up, while others arejust kids who think typing silly stuff in as answers is a fun thingto do, not realizing the problem that causes for others who arelooking for real answers. . My son does - for homework! . Anyone who feels called to do it. If the answers are spam orare wrong we try to fix it. . Volunteers may have education in a specific area, or a questionmay be on a subject they enjoy. Some volunteers are professionals,or answer questions that pertain to their daily work. Andcontributors are good at doing research online or off-line. Othercontributors simply have life experience and accumulated knowledge,which gives them a wide area of personal knowledge. . The greater the number of "trust points" the answerer has, themore likely the answer is correct - as best as the answererknows. . You can see who the last person to edit a particular answer wasby looking just underneath the answer itself. Their username isalso a link to their member home page, which may (or may not)provide more details on who they are. . A good many people that work in particular fields or areeducated in special areas may roam around certain topics usingtheir knowledge to answer questions. Many people on here that askquestions may spend some time answering questions as well. And thenthere are the supervisors that watch over particular topics andthose that roam around many topics that will spend some timeanswering questions. Answers to questions asked here are theproduct of a large community effort. All answers on WikiAnswers are given by voluntary contributors.Nobody has to answer anything unless they want to give up their ownfree time to do so. They always make a personal choice to give ananswer and then what to say. When they answer a question, theyusually try to give as much information as they think is relevantto the actual question asked. You will have a much better chance ofgetting an early answer to your question if you place it into theright Category! Unless you do that, your question may not beanswered for a long time because it won't be seen by contributorswho know about the subject of the question. If it was placed into the wrong Category your question would haveto wait until a Supervisor finds it and moves it to an appropriateCategory where it will be seen by the someone who may wish tocontribute an answer. People who are members here and others as well. People from allover the world. Anyone who visits can post or edit any answer. Generally, however,questions are edited by those users that feel comfortable with thesubject matter.

Why aren't there so many people answering questions on WikiAnswers?

You have to remember that there are over 7 million Questions unanswerd and it takes time for people to get to your answers sometimes.

Why doesnt this site have all the answers to your questions?

Well, this might be a fail on multiple levels; 1) I cannot really know if this site does not in fact contain everyanswer to my questions; somewhere. 2) All the answers to my questions may be effectively infinite. 3) I may not have any questions. 4) I may be unable to see the previous answers tomy--virtual--questions, right there in front of me, after i post my'new' question. 5) I may be--and most often, probably am--asking the wrongquestion; essentially a question whose phrasing indicates animproper premise, making a conscious answer impossible.

Why aren't you answering the questions i ask you?

Actual people answer these questions, and if nobody who knows the answer has seen your question, then you'll have to wait for it to get answered.. You might also want to take a close look at the questions you asked. Lots of people submit questions that are so poorly worded that it is very difficult to determine what is being asked. Questions like these are often passed over.

Who answered all the questions?

There are many people throughout the world who answer questions, but there are always more questions to be asked that need answers.

Is there a guy on the Internet that answers all of your questions?

Nope, Just many people over the world have different specialties! Out of 6,775,235,700 people there is always someone who can answer your question, apart from the "where do we come from" and "life after death" (though there is religion). :D

Why aren't your questions answered?

There are lots and lots of questions (8,000,000+) that have to be answered and there is a less amount of people that answer.

How does WikiAnswers know all of the answers to these questions?

Wikianswers does not answer your questions. It is people from around the globe on the internet that answer the questions.

Look at all the questions but where are the answers?

\nThe answers don't just randomly appear as part of an automatic information robot that places answers. Answers are placed by the users (who are real people) who signed up on WikiAnswers. Since there are about 4.5 times more question than users, it is impossible to answer them all. Plus, since users are real people, no one knows the answer to everything, and since users are not always on WikiAnswers, the answering process is a slow process, but the job does get done at some point. Not everyone knows everything, and don't expect your answer to be answered automatically, since there are real people taking their time to answer your questions with accuracy.

Who answers all the questions posted here?

Anyone can answer a question, no matter what category it's posted under. I hope this helped you. Have a good day/evening.

How do you erase all your asked and answered questions?

If you are a regular member, you can't. If you are a supervisor, you shouldn't, except in certain circumstances. The whole point of WikiAnswers is to leave the Question, and more importantly, its correct Answer, for other people who might ask the same question. It is in this fashion that WikiAnswers tries to facilitate the sharing and spread of knowledge and information. If you still feel that you absolutely must have your Questions and/or Answers removed from WikiAnswers' Website, please contact any Supervisor or Community Assistant (A full list of Supervisors and click-through links to individuals is available in the Help Center in the blue sidebar to your left). We will do our best to accommodate you.

Where can you find all the questions and answers about dolphins?

A click on the Related link below takes you to the subcategory called "Dolphins and Porpoises."

How does Peter answers answer all his questions?

u can't. peter will only answer ur question if u trust him & believe him.

Is answering these wiki questions all you people do?

No this is not all that I do. The pay is purely satisfaction in giving someone a helping hand. . Truth be told, I'm disabled and can't hold a regular job, at least not one that pays enough to bother getting. . If it was for money, this answer would cost you $45.00 because I must consider each "job" seperately and that means a minimum charge for each. Otherwise I'd go broke paying insurance, taxes, cost of computer and internet and wages, wages would be $15 to $20 an hour which really is low considering what the CEO's of most companies make, plus I don't have a "golden parachute" to make me rich if I screw the job I was hired to do up and get fired like they do. And no, I wasn't "hired" to do this "job." It is voluntary.

Why aren't you answering my question?

What question? Some questions are too vague, or badly written, ordon't make sense. These question tend to be ignored.

Why aren't all questions allowed in WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers is a family-oriented website - we like to keep things G-Rated when possible. We also have to comply with laws, and whether you like it or not, there are laws about what you can do on the internet. Here are some things that are not legal for us to do on WikiAnswers: . give pornographic images, links to pornographic websites, or pornographic chat . give information to help you buy, sell, or use drugs . give out anyone's personal information . give information that would help you harm or kill anyone, including yourself . give information that will help you to cheat on standardized tests . help you to plagiarize someone's writing Here are some things that WikiAnswers has decided are not morally correct for our site: . promoting cyberbullying by letting you post rude or mean things about people . promoting profanity by letting you post questions which have no other purpose than to show off your cursing abilities . promoting hatred by letting you post rude or mean things about people of other races, religions, genders, or sexual orientations WikiAnswers is also not a chat-room; chat-type remarks disguised as questions do not belong on this site. Use a social networking website, a chat room, or your message boards to chat with friends.

Can't all these questions be answered by parents?

Yes and no. Parents can answer many questions on this site, but they cannot answer all of the questions.

Do you ever get bored answering all these questions?

There are far too many interesting questions (including this one)on here to ever get bored !

Why are not all of your questions answered?

Because individuals have to go answer them and we have to find them to answer them, not to mention we have to actually know the answer in order to answer it, otherwise we can only skip it and leave it for someone that does know the answer.

Who is answering all the question here?

Anyone, including guests can answer questions posed here. I answer these questions because its fun for me. You can give me a trust point by clicking on recommend contributer. You can also message me on my message board. :) Username is"Keijukainen"

All questions and answers about electricity?

No one can possibly post "all" questions and answers aboutelectricity. That would take books. But you can post a specificquestion and we can try to answer it.

Do all questions have answers?

No, not all questions have answers. Philosphers have been askingsome questions for centuries, like: . Is there a God . Why are we here . What is knowledge . Does life exist on other planets . Does my life have a purpose

Why ain't you answering all my questions?

Not all questions submitted to WikiAnswers are answered. This is because answers on WikiAnswers are given by users on a completely volunteer basis. For information on how to increase your chances of getting your questions answered, check out the related questions below.

Why aren't there any answers to my questions on this site?

From looking at the history of the person asking this question, the answer seems to be "because your questions are ill-formed, nebulous, and uninteresting" or "because your questions are highly specific and should be resolved by actually reading the manual to the thing you're asking about."

Who answers all the questions you ask in Answers.com?

Anyone can answer question, everyone can ask questions but you have to be signed up to improve an answer. So basically it could be any idiot answering a question.

Why aren't questions being answered?

because some people are to lazy and others do answer them it is just that if u post unanswerable qeustions then they cant b answered

Who answers all of the people's questions?

Everyone. The site is a wiki, so anyone can come in and answer, or improve an answer. :)

Does everyone know the answers to all of these questions?

No, not anyone living on Earth. Perhaps a deity or a space alien, though not everyone is in agreement whether either actually exist.

Why don't you have all the answers to my questions?

Because we cant answer all the questions in the world. Alsounderstand that answers are user generated.

Does this site has answers to all the questions?

Not all - since there are new questions being added all the time. Additionally - some questions may stay unanswered for a long time - depending on the subject - and whether someone knowledgeable stumbles on it.

Why would I ask anything if my questions aren't answered?

There is always the possibility that someone who was not previouslya contributor may show up and begin to answer questions that youleft on the site. Sure, it may take months for an answer, but itmay come. Additionally, if you ask the question and eventually itgets answered, a third party mmay have thier question effectivelyanswered immediatiately because he/she is asking the same question. The more questions on this site, the better, even if you personallydo not reap the rewards.

Why aren't any of the questions being submitted are answered?

Possibly because you're submitting questions that no one is interested in answering. Questions are answered by volunteers, so if your question is difficult and boring, or if it's incomprehensible gibberish, they'll probably skip it. It's also possible that we just haven't got to it yet. If you're posting questions for a homework assignment that's due tomorrow here, then you should probably start mentally preparing yourself for that F now.

Does answerscom answers all questions?

No, it does not. There are many unanswered question that they shownot to mention that there are some questions that they haven't eventhought of. I get fustrated.

Are you serious in all your answers to the questions asked?

Personally, I only give serious answers. There are some people who prefer to make jokes, although that is not the purpose of this site.

Why are all questions answered in a slideshow?

It's because the ads change on every page of the slideshow, so theyget more $$$. I think there's an option to disable the slideshow and go to simpletext.