Why aren't the marines force recon in special operations command like SEALs and Special Forces?

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Recon Marines are JTF (Joint Task Force) with SOCOM though they report directly to MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command). Because of all of the Intel flowing in to these organizations, they must be separate. These organizations make COMS (communications) with each other at all times in order to inform ground operators of the current situation.
Almost all of the time in ground combat operations, MARSOC, SOCOM, and NATO (National Atlantic Treaty Organization) will be working together in actions labeled as either JTF or CAX (Combined Arms Exercises).

The MOS name being Reconnaissance Marine MOS#0321. This elite group of marines are trained to do missions by land, air, and sea infil and exfil (infiltration, exfiltration) similar to the Navy SEAL. Their primary mission is to secure and monitor their AO (area of operation) along with sending Intel to command regarding enemy POS (position) and build up. A recon marine is responsible for giving his commander instructions as to what he should do regarding the placement and advancement of other friendly/Coalition units in the AO.

Where SEALS and Recon Marines are very similar is that both units execute missions by Land, Air, and Sea infil, and they carry out missions pertaining to rescue/elimination/Identification and verification/retrieval of HVT's (high value target), HVI's (high value individuals), as well as exfil by similar methods including the use of SDV's (seal delivery vehicles - small submersible vehicles used to transport soldiers in amphibious combat operations.

Both SEALS and Recon Marines main goal other than their objectives is to remain undetected. They are not so hardcore that their 4-man team can take on 500 men in their AO. Both special operations teams do everything possible to remain undetected. The reason why they have such a devastating effect in combat is largely due to their stealthy tactics, They will surround you without your knowledge, and suddenly C4 goes off, M249's and M4A1's start blasting off. But only for a few minutes, as no 4-man team can suppress a whole platoon on their own land for long, that's why they do their job effectively, in and out.
Hence the Marine Force Recon motto, "Swift, Silent, Deadly".

For example, an ORP (objective rally point) is set so that when an HVT is eliminated or Intel is retrieved (whatever the case), the operatives can get in and out as fast as possible remaining undetected without carrying all of their non-combat gear. By hitting the enemy so fast and hard, their reaction forces cannot reach the area of conflict in time, that's if the target can even make COMS before dying. Once the objective is executed, the small group will make its way back to the ORP to gather their excess gear and as well to rest (because sometimes, you have to run 6 miles through the forest to get a safe distance from where their previous engagement). After all of this, they make their exfil and come back home.
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