Why can't I get high off sunshine and balloon farts?

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you see,nobody really knows.
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What if you can't afford the balloon payment?

Answer . Lenders do not want you to default on your mortgage. As with any other mortgage, in the case of the balloon payment, your lender will try to work with you to refin

Why can't I fart?

If you can't fart, it usually means that there is no gas in the rectum. Gas will usually come later, often near the time you feel the need to defecate. However, if you have n

I can't stop farting what do i do?

First of all kinda wondering how I ended up hear but I guess you could eat less breads and stuff.... eating protens make them hapen less but they smell bad and eating grains m

How high will a helium balloon float?

Toy balloons burst at around 10km, while professional meteorological balloons reach heights of 30km. The ultimate limit is set by Archimedes's Principle, which says balloons w
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Why balloon burst when it goes high?

This is because there is always the same amount of air inside the balloon, providing the same amount of outwards force. Here on the ground, that outwards force is balanced by
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What Are the lyrics to I Can't take my eyes off of you High School Musical Cast?

Ya never know what you're gonna feel, oh Ya never see it comin' suddenly it's real Oh, never even crossed my mind, no That I would ever end up here tonight All things change
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Why can't you fart rainbows?

Tell me more, and start off with: What in the world ever led you to believe that you could ?