Why copper is not used for soldering?

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You can't use it because it has the same melting point as the pipe you are trying to seal. It just will not work. What you use has to have a lower melting point than what you are trying to weld or attach to.
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Why use flux when soldering copper tube?

To prevent oxidation and allow the alloy to flow into the fitting capillary action (attraction) and it is best to use a non acid flux and if one knows how to braze they can br

What would you use when soldering a lug onto a copper wire?

Your question is listed in "Plumbing" but you are talking about copper wire and a lug ? IF you are asking what type of solder ? The answer would be 60/40 rosin core .. Dont

When soldering copper water pipe what is use?

You put Flux on the pieces to be joined to clean them and to help the solder flow. Solder for the joint and heat it with a propane torch. Clean both surfaces with steel wool o

Can i use Propane torch for soldering copper pipe?

That's what most people use. If a professional plumber ( one who actually had formal training) they would never use propane unless they are suicidal. 1- Propane is heavier

Should I use acid or solid or resin core solder for copper pipe?

Use lead-free solder, 0.2 percent lead or less. Lead free means NO Lead your better off with a silver bearing alloy as it has a longer pasty range or 95% tin 5% antimoney

Can you use soldering copper pipe fittings for gas?

It is not a good idea to use copper pipe with natural gas as any sulphur compounds in the gas can cause an oxide to form in the copper pipe. Often copper is used with propan

What solder do you use on copper tubing for plumbing?

Copper tubing solder "Solder" is an erroneous term as solder mean lead which of course is banned (safe water drinking act) Sweating is another term for "soldering" Copper