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Why did Alaska cost 7.2 million?

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In 2010 dollars that would be about 111 million dollars but even so it was a very good purchase since it also cleared title to contested lands in Washington and Oregon and it took Russia out of North America.
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Who purchased Alaska from Russia for 7.2 million?

The United States of America purchased Alaska from the Russian Empire on March 30th, 1867. The land was sold for approximately 2 cents per acre. The purchase was negotiated an

What is 7.2 million divided by 300?


Inflation value of 7.2 million dollars in the year 1867 to current time?

A basket of goods and servicesthat cost £7,200,000.00in quarter 3 of 1867would have cost $728,524,590.16in quarter 3 of 2010Total percentage change | 4,959.2% / Number of ye
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How much does Alaska cost today?

This is a difficult question, since you cannot simply apply inflationary principles. The value of land has changed dramatically since 1867 is much different than the value of
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How much does land cost in Alaska?

The cost of land varies, depending on location just as in any other state. Closer to Anchorage is more expensive then property somewhere like Wasilla or Palmer.
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How much does a flight to Alaska cost?

Well, one of the major factors is "where from" -You haven't said. Flights to Anchorage seem to be the cheapest and from Denver they range from around 400 - 750 return flight