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Why did Columbus go to the new world on his journey?

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To find an all-water route to Asia
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Who reached the new world before Columbus?

The Native Americans. They were there WAY before Columbus! There generations were passed from they Inuit's, to they Eskimo's, to the plains Indians to the American Indians or

Why did Christopher columbus travel to the new world?

Christopher Colombus was looking for a way to travel over the  Atlantic to trade with China. The discovery of the New World was  accidental. He was sent with the respects an

Who paid for Columbus' voyage to the New World?

Christopher Columbus was the Italian navigator that the organized  and conducted the exploration voyages that lead the path to  European colonization and exploitation of the

Was the new world named after Columbus?

No, it was named after Amerigo Vespucci, an Italian serving the country of Portugal during the age of exploration. He sailed up and down the coast and claimed that it was not