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Why did Edward kill his father in the ballad Edward Edward?

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His mother encouraged him to do so.
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Why did edward want to kill renesmee?

Edward wanted to kill her at first because she was killing Bella and Edward was worried. I think that's why he wants to kill her (I haven't read the book but I know some info)

Which chapter does Edward kill Victoria?

Edward Cullen kills Victoria in The Eclipse book. It happens in Chapter 24, Snap Decision. Edward, Seth and Bella are hiding out in the woods while the other Cullen family mem

Who is Edward Cullen's father in twilight?

Edward Cullen's "adoptive father" is Carlisle Cullen. Carlisle is responsible for saving Edward's life by changing him into a vampire while he was dying in 1918 of the Spanish

Who is Edward?

Edward [CULLEN] is a vampire who has the desire to help the world by not killing humans. He loves a human [BELLA SWAN].

Who is Edward Elric's father?

Edward Elric's dad is Van Hohenheim also referred to as 'Hohenheim of Light' in the first anime.  

Summary of the ballad edward edward?

The ballad is about a man questioned by his mother about the blood  on his sword. He confesses he killed his father and is leaving the  country, his wife, children, and live

What is the ballad Edward Edward about?

The ballad of Edward is about a boy, Edward, whose mother questionshim about blood on his sword. He answers with lies until finally headmits that he killed his father and is l

Why does edward want to be killed?

Alice had a vision of Bella juming off a cliff. rosalie told edward about it. edward could never live without Bella so he decided that he was going to kill himself because he