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Why did Nicky Cruz turn Christian?

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Nicky Cruz turned christian because there was a man called david wilkerson. david was a preacher and he came to the New York where nicky hung aroung wiht his crew. the preacher held a group for all the gang member, drug addicts to go and listen to him. nicky and the rest of his gang went to this meeting and then nicky heard the phrase "Jesus loves you" that stuck into his head for quite a long time. nicky thought to himself that someone actually does loe him because when he was younger his mother and father used to tellhim that they don't love him. when nicky relised that someone actually loved him he became christian and he started to run youth institutes for teenagers who were on drugs or in gangs and he would help them to sort all their troubles out
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What are facts about nicky cruz?

  Nicky as a child was brutally abused by his parents his mum was a devil worshiper and his father was a witch doctor   When he was about 16 his mother and father sent

Who was Nicky Cruz?

Nicky Cruz was the subject of "The Cross and the Switchblade". He became a Christian after being in gangs in New York. He still goes around the country, talking to mainly teen

Is Nicky Cruz still alive?

Yes, he still has a preaching ministry. And is going to be 70 years old this saturday, (6/12/08)

Where did nicky cruz live?

Nicky cruz lived with his parents in San Juan, Puerto Rico but he was always getting into trouble so at the age of 16 he was sent to new york to live with his older brother
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What does nicky cruz do today?

  He preaches to the world about his beliefs and his life changing experience.

Whatever became of Nicky Cruz?

Nicky Cruz, author of the 1968 bestseller about his life on the streets of New York City, as leader of one of the most feared gangs called the Mau Maus. Cruz was born in Puert

Why did Nicky Cruz become a Christian?

  David Wilkerson. His live was forever touched by the words of Wilkerson after Nicky Cruz threatened to kill the preacher. David told Nicky "You can cut me up in a mill

What was Nicky Cruz life like before he become a Christian?

Cruz was born in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico where he was raised by  his parents.   His parents practiced brujeria and were followers of spiritism  ("espiritismo").   T