Why did Pablo Picasso have so many wifes?

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None of his wife's gave him a son

How many children did Pablo Picasso have?

Pablo Picasso had 4 children with 3 different women. There names and birthdays were.... Paulo (4 Feb 1921- June 5 1975) with Olga Khokhlova Maia (5 Sept 1935-) with Ma

How many paintings did Pablo Picasso do?

Over his 75 years career as an artist, PabloPicasso painted 13,500 paintings. Picasso also created 34,000illustrations for books and over 100,000 prints, both graphics andengr

How many mistresses did Pablo Picasso have?

Pablo Picasso clearly adored women, it certainly seems, given the amount of paintings, drawings and other art of Picasso that he made he, to some degree objectified the women

When did pablo Picasso wife die?

Pablo Picasso's wife Jacqueline Roque died in 1986 after she shotherself. This was after Picasso had died. Picasso painted more then400 paintings of her during his lifetime.

Why is Pablo Picasso so important to the world?

Pablo Picasso was so important to the world because of his inivative way of using a brush and to convey his feelings. he was so young when he first started painting that as he
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Why is pablo Picasso so great?

He created a new art movement, called cubism. In his youth Picasse learned to paint photorealistically, but he got bored to it and invented a completely new style of art.