Why did the United States get involved with Middle Eastern affairs?

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What was the reason for the United States' policy of non-involvement in European Affairs?

The question probably stems back to Wilsonian involvement in foreign affairs, meaning that Woodrow Wilson had a non-aggressive policy. He wanted there to be a war of no winner

Why are Middle Easterners still living in the United States after September 11th?

Middle Eastern people living in the United States are still herebecause they immigrated here for the freedom and acceptance. Inthis post-9/11 nation, we are too quick to judge

What Middle Eastern countries are in war with the United States of America?

The United States is not at war with any country. The United States is at war with terrorism in the Middle East. The US has not declared war on any nation since World War II.

Eastern states in The United States?

All the USA states bordering the Atlantic Ocean from Maine to Florida. How far west of the Atlantic a person can go and still refer to a state as an Eastern state is debatable