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Why did the skeleton stop by at the BBQ?

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To Get Some Ribs? (just guessing)
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What is a skeleton?

It's what's left of a person or an animal when all the soft tissues(muscles, skin, etc) has been removed. If the bones are arranged as they were when the creature was a live,

What does bbq or BBQ mean?

BBQ stands for Barbecue or Bar-Be-Que: It means cooking over a open fire or grill, usually outdoors in the summertime. In the Southern US, it's called "'cuein", as in "When yo

What does a skeleton do?

Its the frame for our bodies, without it we'd just be like limp rages unable to move, sit, stand, anything. Plus it also serves as protection for our brains and vital organs b

When does the skeleton stop growing?

The bones in a human stop hardening and growing at 25, possibly younger for a boy than a girl. After 25, the bones are set and unchangeable, and are no longer so quick to heal

What is skeletonizing?

It could refer to some kind of size modification with cut-away or stripped down parts, said of some firearms with a collapsible or fold-away ( Skeleton) shoulder stock which i

Why do penguins skeletons stop them from flying?

The Mediterranean penguin (jsjnonk)of the South East Coast of Africa has the lightest bones (weighing at 3kilos) so they can reach up to a metre in the sky standing jump. Whe
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Why do we have a skeleton?

A skeleton is made up of a network of bones. Bones provide a  framework that holds the whole body together. Without a skeleton we  would not be supported and would be simply
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What is an skeleton?

This provides support and stability. It also gives protection. Inhumans and other animals the skeleton is made of bone (in adults).Skeletons can be made of wood or steel as se