Why do boys look under skirts?

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They are rude and acting crude. They can be arrested for doing it.
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Can twelve year old boys look under a twelve year old girls skirt?

NO generally as a boy speaking I know if I ever looked down my girlfriend's skirt she would be very mad at me do not look down a girls skirt or you are a perve. Now Be careful

If guys get a chance to look under a girls skirt will they?

Yes most likely. Why not? Well, as an American Male, I can tell you that I have seen underneath womens' skirts before, but always by accident. I would never look under one

What is a under skirt?

\nIt either a peice of fabric the goes between the matress and box spring or\nsomething you wear under a skirt'

How can you look under a girls skirt?

There are two ways to look under a girls skirt; First would be to ask them, and then if given permission - look. The second way would be to use an object or other form o
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Why do boys like looking up skirts?

Um, wow that would be horrible! There are several alternatives: 1. Cross you legs (that would prob be the best thing to do) 2. Wear something under your skirt (ie: tights, an