Why do floods occur frequently in Assam?

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In Assam
Assam is situated at the easternmost part of India. Geographically it is at the
foothills of the Himalaya.
Every year Assam experiences a huge amount of losses due to devastating flood caused by the river Brahmaputra.
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How does a flood occur?

Floods are one of the most common hazards in the United States.Flood effects can be local, impacting a neighborhood or community,or very large, affecting entire river basins and multiple states. However, all floods are not alike. Some floods develop slowly,sometimes over a period of days. But flash (MORE)

When do floods occur?

Never . A flood occurs when the volume of water in a river increases so much that the river overflows its channel.

How do floods occur?

The actual cause of a flood is the arrival of excessive rainfall inthe river headwaters. This may be exacerbated by landslides, whichimpound the waters further and give way catastrophically. Often inthe headwaters, the rain-holding capacity has been damaged byexcessive tree felling and removal of ve (MORE)

Why do floods occur?

In most places it rains heavily during the monsoon season. (the time when the wind follows the seasons) There is so much of water in rivers that in many of them the water rises above the banks. It causes great damage to life, roads, property, railway lines, and houses.

Where do floods occur?

They occur in a city that is lower or slanted. They can also occur where there is a lot of rainfall. In some places where there is a river, lake, or ocean, it is likely to flood. The type of land that is prone to flooding are broad and flat usually situated on the banks of a river or main waterway (MORE)

How frequent do tsunamis occur?

about every four years Tsunamis typically occur about every six years in the Pacific Ocean, and most often during March, August, and November. Although sometimes called tidal waves, tsunamis are created not by tides but by seismic movements (earthquakes), which produce chains of waves that move ac (MORE)

Where do hurricanes occur more frequently?

Hurricane occur more frequently over water that is very warm. Theygenerally begin off of the west coast of Africa and travel towardthe east coast of the United States.

How frequently does lightning occur?

Current estimates suggest that there are about 44 lightning strikesper second on the entire planet. Lightning strikes are particularlyfrequent in South America, South and Southeast Asia, and Africa.

How does flood occur?

The floods occur in known plains when prolonged rainfall over several days, intense rainfall over a short period of time.

Why do floods occur where they occur?

Because the land is low lying mainly. If the sea or rivers have more water than flood defenses can cope with then flooding will occur. For obvious reasons you don't get floods halfway up a mountainside, water will always flow downhill.

Why does flooding occur?

Firstly, it occurs due to heavy rain and storms during the monsoon season that leaves a lot of rainwater behind on land. This may in turn cause flash floods, where floods move at great speeds, causing destruction and casualties. This is partly because there is too much rainwater to be drained out of (MORE)

Where have floods occured?

Flooding is the act of water levels rising to spill over to land.Where floods have occurred are any places located next to bodies ofwater.

How does flooding occur?

Allof the water that flows down a river comes from rain or melting snow.Sometimes after heavy rain or rapid snow melt,there might to much water for the river to hold.The river will then overflow its banks nad spread out across the land on either o fits channel.This is called a RIVER FLOOD.

When does a flood occur?

a flood may happen at any time near a body of water, mostly around the rainy seasons, when the river or lake or any body of water overflows.

How flood occurs?

A flood occurs when there is too much water for the ground toabsorb. Floods can be caused when too much water flows into a creekand the water rises above its banks.

Where do earthquakes occur most frequently?

Earthquakes result from the collision of tectonic plates, including subducted oceanic plates or buckling continental plates. A large number occur around the Pacific Plate, in eastern Asia and the western Americas (California, Chile). They also occur in the Mediterranean, which is caught between the (MORE)

How frequently does a bushfire occur?

Bushfires occur very frequently in Australia once the weather starts to get warmer, from around September. The National Parks of the Sydney area are particularly prone to regular bushfires during Australia's hot, dry southern summers.. However, most bushfires are small and easily contained. Tragedi (MORE)

Why does lunar eclipse occur frequently?

Both lunar eclipses and solar eclipses occur, roughly, every 6 months or so. Solar eclipses seem rare, because they are visible only across very small paths across the Earth. Lunar eclipses only SEEM more common because they happen in the sky, and are visible from the entire night half of the Earth. (MORE)

When and where do floods occur?

Floods can happen everywhere in the world. Because In Noah's time the whole earth was flooded. And floods can happen at anytime of the day or night.

Sprains frequently occur where?

Either the wrist or the ankle. These joints are particularly 'delicate' being constructed from many small bones rather than just two (like the shoulder).

How do hurricanes occur most frequently?

They happen more frequently because heat from the sea is usually more available to regions that are situated near seas and oceans thats why hurricans are always common in america and northern africa

Why do floods occur mostly in summer?

Quite simply, floods may be caused by cyclones or monsoonal rains. These weather phenomena occur only during the warmer months of the year, including summer.

Where is Assam?

Assam is a northeastern state of India. It is located in the south of the eastern Himalayas.

Can floods occur in winter?

Yes. Levees can still burst their banks in winter, they are actually more prone to floods because the rainfall in winter is greater than in summer.

How frequently do floods occur in Australia?

Floods occur on a regular basis. Many parts of Australia's eastern half are flood-prone, due to the numerous river systems and low plains throughout the region. The northern and eastern coasts are also prone to summer cyclones (which bring heavy rains) and seasonal monsoonal rains. These rains can s (MORE)

Which kind of succession occurs after a flood?

This would be secondary succession because it occurs after most natural events like a forest fire, a flood, tsunami, or destroyed plant life. While primary succession is like after a volcano has erupted. The resulting barren land is first colonized by pioneer plants which pave the way for later, les (MORE)

How frequently do eclipses occur?

During the 100 years of the 20th Century, there were 228 solar eclipses and 229 lunar ones. In the short term, the rates of each kind varied between 1 and 5 in a single year, but, as you can see, the long-term average for the Century was roughly 2.3 of each per year.

Why do fires frequently occur after earthquakes?

because earth quick generat at the great deapth of the earth. where the temperature of the earth is so heigh like fire that's y the frequiency that occur after the earth quick is fire frequency

When did the Australian floods occur?

The floods affecting Australia this summer (2010-2011) began in parts of Queensland as early as December 10 . With many properties already under threat, conditions worsened considerably when a widespread cyclone system hit northern Queensland on Christmas Day, dumping huge amounts of rainfall right (MORE)

When did the 2011 floods in Queensland occur?

Major flooding occurred across Queensland in December 2010 and January 2011. The flash flood that poured through Toowoomba, flooding the Lockyer Valley below and resulting in the deaths of around a dozen people occurred on 10 January 2011 . Water levels in the Brisbane River began to rise and, by (MORE)

How frequently does a tornado occur?

it's less frequent in the winter and fall and more grequent in the spring and summer in fact over 1000 tornadoes are confirmed every year and a thousand on average

How frequently do avalanches occur?

There are several hundred avalanches a season in mountains worldwide, but most do not affect people. On the Alps and similar ranges, there are a few dozen fatalities per year.

Where do floods occur area?

It can happen anywhere if there is heavy amouts of rain fall or a river that is close by that could to flooding

What happens while a flood is occurring?

well, a lot of things get filled with water, cars and homes are destroyed, people freak out, some people die from the flood itself, or just from being a moron and trying to swim in the flood water. news channel cover it and everything. just things like that

Are floods becoming more frequent?

Yes, because the lakes that were once in one place are no longer there anymore. We built over them as if they never existed. The rain that comes down has no low land to go to, but into the houses we built. If the lakes were still there, we would have none of this flooding. We are not only creating a (MORE)

Why do floods occur on flood plains and deltas?

Because the land in these areas is particularly low lying in comparison to the local water level, therefore any increase in that level because of rain, snowmelt, stormsurge, etc more easily floods the surrounding land.

Why does it flood so frequently in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh has very low lying land, in some parts it is only 1metre above sea level. Its land is quite marshy and in the summer,when snow on the Himalayas melts, it sends lots of water into themain rivers in Bangladesh's main rivers, Ganges and Brahmaputra.Those are the physical reasons I can think (MORE)

How frequently do tornadoes occur in the world?

It is not known. About 1,800 tornadoes are recorded worldwide in anaverage year, most of them in the U.S. but the actual number oftornadoes is probably several times higher. It is likely thatthousands of tornadoes occurring in poor countries or remote areasare never recorded.