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What do oceanographers do?

Answer     Oceanography (from Ocean + Greek γράφειν = write), also called oceanology or marine science is the study of the Earth's oceans and seas. Oceanograp

What does a oceanographer do?

An oceanographer uses science and mathematics to explain the complex interactions between seawater, fresh water, polar ice caps, the atmosphere and the biosphere. The role

What is the duties of oceanographer?

Oceanographers study the ocean, so mainly they research about the ocean. A big job for oceanographers is keeping track about Tsunamis. Tsunamis are very destructive and they n

Why do oceanographers study the ocean?

Oceanographers study the ocean to see how marine animals interact  with each other. They also want to know how these organisms, as  well as plants, interact with their envir

What is an oceanographer?

An oceanographer is a scientist who studies the ocean (in general).  The study may be called oceanography, oceanology, or marine  science. The term oceanography means "ocean

Why do oceanographers measure salinity?

One reason is to teste the buoyancy of the water and density.  Another reason is to test how the sea life is doing. Some marine  animals can't live in salt water and some ca