Why do people cheat in relationships?

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theres something he/she is looking for that you do not have, or maybe they just can't stay faithful

If there was one partner that cheated in a relationship could there be hope of saving it if both people are still in love with each other but you have been apart for a year?

Answer . Yes, but it all depends on the feelings of the other party. They may still love you, but not be able to get past the feelings of betrayal from being cheated on, or the other way round. It takes time to build trust after something like this, and you must also ask yourself why you or the (MORE)

Why do people cheat?

Please note that this question is not the same as Why do peoplecheat on their partners. People normally lie and cheat because the are basically lazy orinept. The behavior if not controlled when they are young ends upmanifesting itself in their adult life. The more successful theyare are cheating and (MORE)

What is cheating in a relationship?

Cheating is when someone dates another person while their already in a relationship. When people cheat it means they're not happy with the relationship and they feel like they're wasting their time with a person. They also cheat when they're bored with the person they date already. Cheating is also (MORE)

Should someone who cheated on their partner with several people for several years keep that a secret if they want to change and stay in that relationship?

Answer . I think if you really want to change, this means get active. Go to counselling perhaps to figure out why you cheat and what measures you need to take to not put yourself in these situations.\nI would not tell my spouse. If you are honest about change and never do it again, you should no (MORE)

Should someone who cheated on their partner with several people for several years and had an affair keep that a secret if they want to change and stay in that relationship?

Answer . Sorry to say that honesty is the best policy and you may run the risk of losing the one you truly love. The reason honesty is the best way in your situation is you are bound to bump into someone that will embarrass you in front of you partner or let the cat out of the bag. You'll alwa (MORE)

How can you save your relationship if he is cheating on you but he loves you?

Answer . He needs to get off his 'but'.. I disagree! it is quite common for a man to have an affair, but at the same time attempt to hold on to his relationship or marriage. I have seen this hundreds of times over.. Is he wrong? Yes! But, the key to getting him back is to uncover why he cheated (MORE)

Cheating from a long distance relationship?

what about it? is it legitimate? in my opinion, no. would i forgive someone for doing it? probably no unless i was so madly in love with her I'd forgive everything anyway ANSWER: It depends on how far the person lives. Some long distance love affairs could be hard, especially for married man (MORE)

Why has cheating in relationships become an epidemic?

I don't know if you could call it an epidemic but you can say it has always been around it has just become more public now. In the past years you didn't speak of such things let alone sex and now everything is just out in the open which makes it seem like it is happening more when in fact it is stil (MORE)

If a guy cheats in the relationship what do you do?

First of all, you should be strong when they hear their boyfriendor husband cheated on them. when you heard that a guy is cheating on you then you need to talkto him about it, because it may just be a bit of a misunderstandingand sometimes, all it takes is a simple one-on-one talk, then, youneed giv (MORE)

Why do people with perfect relationships cheat?

Answer. Sometimes we think that peope are having the perfect relationship, but we never get to know what goes on behind closed doors. Maybe there is a lot of stress in one of their lives and a lack of sex as well so one partner will go out and cheat on the other partner, not so much to get even, bu (MORE)

How do you build trust in a relationship after they have cheated?

Ask yourself is this person still worth it after they cheated on you?. mistakes happen but is the person likely to "accidentley" cheat again...don't buy what they say...just understand them and what you know bout them...because even fools can talk and convince... do they say that they care bout yo (MORE)

What is considered cheating in a relationship?

Answer . A sexual relationship doesn't have to occur to make it cheating. If an individual is going steady with a person or living/married to their partner and they sneak out because they secretly are attracted to another of the opposite sex is cheating!. Even if it's strictly petting and no oth (MORE)

What to do to cheats that cheat in a relationship?

Boot them to the curb! Find yourself someone better...better job, better looking, better acting and better all the way around. The best revenge is to lead a successful life. When you appear with someone better, they will "eat their heart out." Act as though they did you a favor by cheating on you be (MORE)

How do you cheat proof your relationship?

Most of the time, whether or not you cheat depends on what kind of person you are. Often if you get into the discussion about cheating with a male you'll get to know what kind of mindset they're in. Personally, I find the males that don't cheat are ones with strong morals, ones that really love you (MORE)

Do you leave a relationship if your partner cheats?

Answer 1 If you are not sure you should see if there is any reason that feels good to you to keep the relationship going. If it is only sexual you may as well keep him if he performs well enough. Just make him wear a condom because you wont know what sort of STD,s he may have picked up. And let hi (MORE)

Is it ever okay to cheat in a relationship?

No! Well unless you talk to your husband/wife about it and then they say/decide that you can cheat. Some relationships they marry and then go out and cheat, well go out with someone else, but make sure that you agree with your husband/wife and then tell who ever you go out with and/or marry! No it i (MORE)

Cheating in relationships?

that's nasty .... Well i don't know about it being nasty but if you feel like cheating your in the wrong relationship cheating is a pretty f***ed up thing to do to someone.... unless they cheated on you first then i say they had it coming.

What compels people to cheat in a relationship?

Sometimes a sex addiction, large egos, narcistic personalites and many other reasons, none of which are good excuses. Even people with those dissorders are able to control themselves or seek help to control themselves.

How do you show that you are not cheating in your relationship?

There is nothing to show. If you are not, then you are not. If he doesn't understand this, then he is way too suspicious and doesn't trust you as much as he should. Tell him in a serious tone that you are not cheating. If he loves you and trusts you enough, he will believe you.

How do you know when someone is cheating in a relationship?

well, it depends from guy to guy..first, you have to see whether this guy is the kind that knows how to take care of a girl...if he is that kind and you want more time..ask him for some...just remember that no man is a mind reader..if you want him to spend more time with you and he makes lame excuse (MORE)

What is the history of relationship cheating?

Actually relationship cheating has gone up over the past 10 years, but not dramatically. It's getting progress but it's moving at a very slow pace. But trust me some males/females are still loyal to their mates. Is there a need to worry? Not at all, if you trust who your with you should be fine.

Cheating on a long distant relationship?

The worst thing you can do. Long distance relationships are based on trust, and without it you have nothing. ANSWER: If your talking about can a long distance relationship works? yes it can. The man that I married done it and it works for both of them. And it made him quite intrigue and happy. U (MORE)

Why do people have relationships?

Well people have relationships because they would like to someday get married and have children and have a big happy family. But other people want to have a relationship because they are very needy when it comes to "sexual desire" and don't care about the person that they are "doing it" with. They o (MORE)

How do you get over a relationship when your partner cheated?

Thinking on the bright side is a helpful method. \nYou can look at all the positives that occur due to the breakup, for example in terms of your potential living pattern. \n \nWhile it is also possible to develop a hate relationship with your ex, but forgiveness and time tends to be the better cours (MORE)

Why do people cheats in relationship?

I believe that some people cheat because that have nothing else better to do with their time. Others seem to find an interest in other people because they get bored with the person that their with at the time or their partner just isn't meeting their expectations. So people also cheat because their (MORE)

How does cheating tear apart a relationship?

Cheating can tear apart a relation, as when the patner comes to know that you have been cheating he/she could be taken back Preston "Da Pickle" Peek: Thats not my answer but this is: cheating tears love apart because if your with a girl, and you cheat on her, she doesn't feel like shes yours. she f (MORE)

How does cheating in relationships affects the children?

If a child is in a family where there's cheating involved, it can affect them in a really negative way. Usually children look up to their parents for guidance, and if they know one of their parents is cheating, they will think it's an "ok" thing to do. It messes up their morals. It can also tear a f (MORE)

How many relationships start from cheating?

Well quite a bit do. It's mostly guys who want to cheat on girls. . I agree. But to reassure everyone, those relationships are founded on lust and do not last more than 3 or 4 months.

Why does cheating happen in any relationships?

It's usually when a relationship is lacking something. It can lack sex, love, money, materials... it all depends on the messed up person doing it... Cheating is totally unecessary. All you need to do is talk or break up first. Even BRUTAL honesty is better than cheating.

Why does cheating happen in relationship?

a kind cheating is not OK. You should let the person know that you are very angry with cheating. ANSWER: Simple there are relationship that is not as strong because of love, trust and chemistry. And some will never care if they hurt someone they love. Over all I think it sick when people do this (MORE)

Why do men in relationships cheat online?

Only some men have relationships online and the reason is that some men love to flirt; perhaps talk dirty; exchange nude pictures and they do not consider it cheating because there is no physical contact. Yet some men are looking for love; may be shy and flirting and texting online is far easier tha (MORE)

Would he cheat on you if he has cheated in other relationships?

You know everyone says once a cheater always a cheater. I don't think that is true. I cheated on guys when I was a little younger and now that iv found the guy i want to the spend the rest of my life with I would never dare cheat. You know for someone who is a cheater they have to be ready for the c (MORE)

How do people get into relationships?

people get into relationships when each person wants to be with the other one more than friends. you both choose to be that way. you can also ask the other person if they want to date you.

Are relationship failing due to cheating?

Just about everything fails eventually. Expectation is a prime cause of frustration when it results fall short of it, whereas fulfillment of expectaion is taking for granted

How many relationships cheat?

There is no exact percentage or number for how many relationships cheat because each relationship is different in it's own way.

What consitutes cheating in a relationship?

The textbook definition of cheating is to be sexually unfaithful. Some people in committed relationships define cheating as getting physically or emotionally involved with another person.

How peoples cheat?

Cheaters will always work on the area of weakness, so beware of weaker areas, may be watched in years to use and erase

Why we cheat in a Relationship?

Reasons for cheating depend on the person. Some cheat because theyaren't happy, some just to ease desires and some out of boredom.

Why do people get in a relationship?

People get into a relationship birthday because they want to havesomeone by their side at all times and that you could share yourfeelings and or or emotions