Why do people cheat in relationships?

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theres something he/she is looking for that you do not have, or maybe they just can't stay faithful

What is cheating in a relationship?

Cheating is when someone dates another person while their already in a relationship. When people cheat it means they're not happy with the relationship and they feel like they

Why do people with perfect relationships cheat?

Answer. Sometimes we think that peope are having the perfect relationship, but we never get to know what goes on behind closed doors. Maybe there is a lot of stress in one of

What to do to cheats that cheat in a relationship?

Boot them to the curb! Find yourself someone better...better job, better looking, better acting and better all the way around. The best revenge is to lead a successful life. W

Cheating in relationships?

that's nasty .... Well i don't know about it being nasty but if you feel like cheating your in the wrong relationship cheating is a pretty f***ed up thing to do to someone....

What compels people to cheat in a relationship?

Sometimes a sex addiction, large egos, narcistic personalites and many other reasons, none of which are good excuses. Even people with those dissorders are able to control the

Why do people cheats in relationship?

I believe that some people cheat because that have nothing else better to do with their time. Others seem to find an interest in other people because they get bored with the p

How many relationships start from cheating?

Well quite a bit do. It's mostly guys who want to cheat on girls. . I agree. But to reassure everyone, those relationships are founded on lust and do not last more than 3 or

Why does cheating happen in any relationships?

It's usually when a relationship is lacking something. It can lack sex, love, money, materials... it all depends on the messed up person doing it... Cheating is totally unec

Would he cheat on you if he has cheated in other relationships?

You know everyone says once a cheater always a cheater. I don't think that is true. I cheated on guys when I was a little younger and now that iv found the guy i want to the s
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Why we cheat in a Relationship?

Reasons for cheating depend on the person. Some cheat because theyaren't happy, some just to ease desires and some out of boredom.