Why do people give fruitcakes to each other on Christmas?

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They are a traditional Christmas food in the US, UK, Trinidad, Germany, and Romania.
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Why is Christmas celebrated by people greeting each other Happy Christmas?

Answer . The phrase " Happy Christmas" is a British expression, and in other parts of the English speaking world it is "Merry Christmas".. In either case the sentiment is to wish the other person an "enjoyable holiday".. Answer . People say Happy Christmas because they want their family and (MORE)

Can people be allergic to each other?

Yes, people [ myself included ] can be allergic to other peoples natural skin oil and skin dander. Itchy burning rash develops on contact. Proved this many times with people who have freshly washed skin, no soap residue and again the allergic reaction occurred with contact. Proof that people can be (MORE)

Why Do People Cyber Each Other?

There is no discerning reason why people have sex. It could be a lot of reasons rolled into one or it could be for only one reason. Maybe they just don't feel like going out to find someone. Maybe they aren't looking for something and just want to pass the time. Nobody really knows why anyone else d (MORE)

Why do people hate each other?

There are a number of reasons. A major reason is ignorance, whereyou don't know something and you act in fear towards what you don'tunderstand. It could be due to religious differences. Some people hate Jewishpeople or those of some other faith, but there is no need to.People can help you to learn (MORE)

How do people interact with each other?

there are so many religion in India they have their there own language so it is difficult to understand In foreign there are only two religion christain and Muslim and languages also either English or urdu

How do people greet each other?

In America, we greet and wave. In Asian countries, we bow to show respect when greeting elders, important people, parents, etc.

Why do you give presents to each other at Christmas?

Some reasons presents are given at Christmas are: . We give gifts as a symbolic gesture of remembering the gifts that were given to Jesus by the Magi as well as in thanks to God for the gift of Jesus. More importantly, God gave His only son (Jesus Christ) so that we can live with Him in heaven som (MORE)

Why do people give presents on Christmas?

In the Christian religion, gifts are given on Christmas tocelebrate the biggest gift of all; God giving us His only son,Jesus. The giving of gifts are also based on the gifts of gold,frankincense and myrrh that were given to Jesus by the threemagi. I think we give gifts to show that we care for eac (MORE)

Why do people give presents at Christmas?

It is tradition that has been passed down through the ages that says that the three kings gave presents on the night of the birth of CHRIST. That is why we give presents at CHRISTmas

Why do people give gifts at Christmas?

it is nice to give a gift when you do you feel good inside and sometimes your the one getting gifts. i was always told its better to give than recive and i think thats right

Why people love each other?

no body knows not even themselves. they just realize they are in love, that is why we call it falling in love. it just happens

Why do people give Christmas cards?

Christmas cards, all greeting cards, can trace their history back to ancient China where people exchanged god sentiments for the coming New Year. The Egyptians and other groups from the middle east continued the practice through to the 1400's when Germans began exchanging engraved cards for several (MORE)

Why are people envious of each other?

Not all people are envious of other people. Those that are envious feel the person that has the most or has won something of value are extremely lucky and wonder why it wasn't themselves that had that same luck and get frustrated over it. There are many people who are truly happy when someone they k (MORE)

Why do people marry each other?

for love and everylasting life with the person Answer: Marriage was originality a convenient format to establish inheritability of titles, power, goods and land. In modern times many government programs such as health care, property rights, the control of children, insurance and other matters a (MORE)

Why do people eat cheese with fruitcake?

Because it tastes bloody fantastic! It is an incredible blend of flavours and textures. Fruit cake is traditionally eaten with cheese in the north of England, particularly Yorkshire.

How do Australians greet each other on Christmas?

The most common way for Australians to greet each other atChristmas is by saying either "Merry Christmas, or "HappyChristmas". There is no uniquely Australian way to make yourChristmas greetings.

Why do people not like fruitcake?

because it is fruit and fruit is healthy and cake is not supposed to be healthy and also it is DISGUSTING There you have it. People such as the above don't have any good reasons not to like fruitcake. I don't understand it myself. I think they're as nutty as a fruitcake. Fruitcake is the business! (MORE)

What do people do with fruitcake during holidays?

Other than gifting a fruitcake, people do absolutely nothing with it. The truth is, there is actually only one fruitcake. It is just passed from person to person during the holidays. The fruitcake lasts so long because it is of an ancient origin dated back to the Mayan Pre-classic time period of 200 (MORE)

Why do people pee on each other?

I didn't know there were people who did so on purpose. If they do, they must have extremely limited social skills. Most of us communicate with words, facial expression, and body language. I doubt they're marking their territory but most likely it's something equally as primitive.

Why do people cyberbully each other?

Some People (young teenagers in particular) can be emotionally affected by cyberbullying, but others cyberbully each other because they can, they don't feel as though they can get hurt. it makes them feel 'big' You see it all the time on social networking sites, and alot of the time those people w (MORE)

How did fruitcake become associated with Christmas?

The fruitcake is associated with several holidays, but primarily with Christmas in the form of the "Christmas cake" found in the UK, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Cyprus, and the Philippines. A Scottish form is the Whisky Dundee. In the US and other countries, it is also primarily a Yuletide tradition.

What do people get each other on Hanukkah?

The non-Orthodox practice of gift-giving on Hanukkah is only about45 years old. It is borrowed from Christmas. So the type of giftdepends entirely on the person's choice and really has nothing todo with the holiday of Hanukkah. The only traditional gift during Hanukkah is the gelt (coins) givento ch (MORE)

Why do peoples poison each other?

because they a)dislike that person b)have a lot of anger in them c)are amused by it du)were forced and/or threatened to e)were paid to f) all of the above

Why do people give gifts to others on Christmas?

Gifts at Christmas are symbolic of the gift of grace Jesus gave to us through his sacraficial death on the cross. It's also symbolic of the 'love thy neighbor as thyself' message God gives to us through Jesus.

What gifts did people give each other during the Depression?

Sometimes children would receive only one toy to share, or one simple toy each if they were lucky. Some years, they received only fruit (such as oranges) for Christmas gifts, or perhaps a pair of socks. It's hard for people who did not live through the depression to believe, but that is how poor man (MORE)

What do people give Santa for Christmas?

In the United States, it is customary first for children to give orsend a Christmas gift wishlist to Santa. On Christmas Eve, then,they often leave out cookies and milk for Santa and, in some homes,carrots for the reindeer. Similar customs exist throughout Europe,where some drink and snack is left f (MORE)

What is a good recipe for Christmas fruitcake?

A good recipe for Christmas fruit cake can be found in any cake recipe at a local bookstore or book retailer. The Christmas fruit cake is a dessert that can get involved, so it is suggested that the cake is ordered from many of the retailers that can provide the item through the mail.