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Why do polar bears have clear fur if dark colors absorb heat?

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A polar bear's skin is black and the fur is actually transparent. The fur lets light through to the skin where it can be absorbed. Besides, for a lot of the year there isn't enough sunlight to be of much use WRT to keeping warm. White is camouflage, and warm, and there's a layer of blubber below. That's a better way of keeping warm in polar regions.
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What color is polar bears fur?

The color of a polar bear's fur can vary. Colors vary from pure white, to a yellow-like hue. The outer hair is clear. (their skin is black) The fur, which appears to be wh

How can Polar Bears have clear fur?

  Polar bear skin is black and the fur is actually clear, lacking in pigment. The white appearance is the result of light being refracted from the clear hair strands.

Why do dark colors absorb more heat?

Dark objects absorb more heat because they are absorbing all other  colors of light. The more light that is absorbed, the more heat  that will be absorbed as well since ligh

How does the polar bears fur color help them survive?

The fur color helps them survive by catching their prey. They cover their black noses with their paws to be completely camouflaged too. Their fur "color" also helps to absorb

Why do polar bears have different fur color than other bears?

Since Polar bears live in arctic climates surrounded by ice and snow, over the years white fur was naturally selected in their population as a dominant trait that gave a compe

Do dark colors absorb heat?

Yes. All colors absorb heat. The quantity depends on which color. Darker colors absorb more heat than lighter colors because of differences in light wavelengths.

If dark colors absorb heat so well then why is a polar bear white?

Polar bears fur is actually clear. The hair of a polar bear looks white because the color white becomes visible to our eyes when an object reflects back all of the visible wav