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Why do ranchers place old boots on fence posts?

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David Feldman in Why do Clocks Run Clockwise? posits that 1) the boots may deter coyotes. 2) It's better to stink up a fencepost than a house. 3) Some people just do things.
But forget about the boots. Why do people put caps (coffee cans, finials, can ends, and hub caps) on fenceposts? Because less water (and snow) on the ends means that the posts don't soak throughout and last just a little longer. Then again, the third explanation above also makes sense.
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How do you install fence posts?

To install wooden fence posts, it is bests to use a fence post  auger. An auger literally drills the correct size hole in which to  insert the post.

How deep should a fence post be dug for a fence post?

It depends on the type of fence that you are installing as well as the height and even the climate. A good rule would be 2-3 ft below the ground. For colder climates you want

How do you sink a fence post?

  You dig a hole. Around here, code specifies that it must be at least 2 feet deep. You can rent a gas-powered auger from the Home Depot.

Why do you asphalt fence posts?

To keep moisture from invading the concrete bases and slowly cracking them as the season go from hot to cold climates

How do you remove a rotten fence post?

I dug the soil away so I could see the old post and removed the post from the concrete piece by piece. With a cold chisel, crow bar and anything else that worked. Then I found