Why do the blue slacks not match the dark blue jacket in the marine dress blues?

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The US 1831 uniform regulations designated a light blue uniform including a shell jacket and trousers for field use with a stripe on the outer seam of the trouser corresponding to the branch of service for sergeants and corporals. As was traditionally the case with frugally minded congressional budgets, light blue was cheaper to produce than the Indigo dyed wool previously used. The light blue also did not fade as badly as the dark blue. These same regulations required a dark blue coatee with standing collar for full dress which had it's precedent in the 1810 uniform regulations (circa War of 1812). The 1851 regulations changed the uniform to a dark blue frock coat and dark blue trousers for both enlisted men and officers. This was revised at the beginning of the Civil War in order to differentiate between officers and enlisted men by reverting to light blue trousers for enlisted men and retaining dark blue trousers for officers. This color combination was carried through until the 1910 regulations eliminated the dark blue uniform. The current change in the army uniform is following the idea of tradition previously carried forward by both the Marine Corps and the Navy by adopting color combinations that date back to the earlier history and tradition of that particular branch of service.
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What does the color blue in the Marine Corps dress uniform represent?

Marine Corps Dress Blue . The following is quoted from the site indicated, Marine Corps Uniform Regulations:\n\nhttp://www.tecom.usmc.mil/mcub/library/MCUR/URCH2.htm\nMrV\n. \n. \nI was a U.S. Marine and the above is correct. The dress blue uniform is the formal wear for events, funernals, and (MORE)

Why are the army dress blues pants lighter than the jacket?

Answer . The legend goes like this. US Army dress uniform pants are a lighter blue than the coat because of the days of horseback cavalry, where they would roll their coats up and keep them in their saddle bags. The pants would get bleached a light blue in the sun, and their coats would stay dark (MORE)

Can you wear blue slacks with black shoes?

Generally not. Navy blue and black is a very somber combination because there is little contrast between the colors.. If you're a guy, consider brown shoes; women also have the option of a cream-colored shoe. No what color shoes would you wear with them if you didnt wear black?? I think that's f (MORE)

How do you put together the marine corps dress blue belt?

you should have a brass buckle, one hook, two smaller brass "keepers" and one 2" white belt. For starters the buckle goes on your right side. This will be obvious when You pick up Corporal, but its good to get in the habit now. 1:With the buckle face down, and slide the white belt into the ben (MORE)

What color is marine corps dress blues?

Blue Dress "A" Midnight Blue coat, with red trim for enlist members (EMs) White belt with gold waitplate for EMs, Midnight Blue for Officers White cover with gold Marines emblem Plain white shirt Sky blue trousers White gloves Black shoes and socks Medals to be worn.. Blue Dress "B" (MORE)

Why is the marines dress blue pants a lighter color from the jacket?

Comes from a couple hundred years ago when forces would leave thefort for patrols and take jacket off (when boss wasn't around) --and they put the jacket in a saddle bag. When they came back to thefort, they would put the jacket back on -- but the pants becameslightly faded due to the sun (compared (MORE)

Why are the trousers of the USMC dress blue uniform sky blue and not the same blue as the jacket?

Because of tradition. When the Marines we aboard the ship they would take off their jacket, and being on the deck all the time caused their pants to fade, but their jacket didn't. Actually. The reason the coat is a darker color is because they would wade into swamps during marches, then out, the (MORE)

Can a inactive Marine still wear their Dress Blues?

Well i dont really know for sure but as they say : Once a Marine Always A Marine. So i guess you can if u wear it with pride and honnor and you were once a marine at its not your friends and he's letting you borrow it or something so i say i guess you can.

Why do the Marine Corps Dress Blues have 2 different colors of blue?

well, the first mission of the Marine Corps was delivering mail, yes i know Marines delivering mail. Their uniforms of the time were heavy dress uniforms so we they went to deliver it on there horse they would remove their blouse and store it in a saddle bag. Boots and utes so to speak, and eventuly (MORE)

Who owns the Columbus Blue Jackets?

John H. McConnell was the founder of the team but he passed away in April of 2008. Now the team is owned by his son John P. McConnell. John H. McConnell was the founder of the team but he passed away in April of 2008. Now the team is owned by his son John P. McConnell

What are marine corps dress blue bravos?

it refers to the the dress blue uniform which has ribbons and shooting badges as opposed to medals. it is considered the second highest dress uniform for most marines.

What matches with blue?

Various colors complement the blue but it often depends on whichshade of blue one is referring to. For instance, navy blue iscommonly seen paired with green, white, orange, or red while alight sky blue may be seen paired with white, pink, or grey.

Will a blue jean jacket go with a dress?

yes a blue jean jacket will look great with a sundress, but not a formal dress. It basically depends on what you are wearing. Blue Jean jackets look great with blue jeans, casual dresses, anything but black pants or skirts. :)

Can Medals and ribbons be worn on marine corp dress blues?

Yes, but the only ribbons you can wear are the ribbons that does not have a corresponding Medal i.e Combat Action Ribbon, Seaservice Deployment Ribbon. You can wear up to 7 medals in one row but they have to be mounted a special way. Ribbons are worn on the right hand side and follow the 1/8th on an (MORE)

Does dark brown match with navy blue?

Theyre not the best color combination. If the blue was on the bottom (navy blue dress pants or dark jeans) you could make it work pretty well. But in my opinion blue does not work well with brown if it's on tools.

What does the red piping on the marine dress blue uniform stand for?

The red piping comes from the Revolutionary War. At that time the US did not have money for uniforms. It was customary for Marines to take the uniforms of fallen British Troops (their red coats). This created a problem in that they would be mistaken as British forces. To prevent this from happening (MORE)

What matches blue?

Black, blue, white, and maybe purple, pink, and red depending on what shade of blue it is. Also jean, khaki, yellow, and lighter blue depending on the shade of blue.

What colour eyeshadow do you wear for a dark blue dress?

Never match your eyeshadow to your clothes!! It is best to flatter your eyes. You should probably do a neutral brown/gold eye. Here are the colours that complement different eye colours the best. . *Blue eyes- Gold, more of an orange/ copper toned gold because blue's complement is orange, but orang (MORE)

In a dream what does a blue jacket symbolize?

To see or wear a jacket in your dream, represents the image that you want to present and project to the outside world. Alternatively, it symbolizes your protective and defensive persona. You tend to distant your feelings and as a result, you may isolate yourself. Also the color, appearance, and type (MORE)

Does a blue jacket match dark brown pants?

Blue and Brown can me matching in some instances. If it is a formal event, professional colors are recommeded. If it is an informal event, as long as the shoes are brown, there won't be much of a ruckus regarding attire.

Why does a blue dress appear blue?

Blue dresses appear blue becasue the dress is absorbing the bluecolor in the light. It's the same with everything else. When anobject has a color, it's because it's obsrobing that certain color(the object does not have to be a solid color).