Why do they call j walking j walking?

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Back in the day people refered to hicks or hillbillies as "jays". When a Jay made a visit to the big city they thought they could just cross the street anywhere they pleased and would get themselves almost run over. People would say, "look at that stupid jay walking". Eventually it became a ticket offense and the name just sort of stuck.
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What is a walk?

Answer . 4 pitched balls that are not strikes. runner advances to first base. does not count as an at bat or a hit.

Why do we walk?

we walk because are bones support us in an upright way they. If we drink lots of milk they will grow stronger

What is j walking?

Crossing a street against a light, or crossing at a place that is not designated a crosswalk.

What does J Walk mean?

I am not quite sure but what it means to me is crossing the streets where there is not a crosswalk or intersection.

What does the j mean in j walk?

It is referred to as "Jay-walking" because instead of walking by making an "L" shape, one makes the shape of a "J", cutting off the corner.

Why was j walking made a law?

For the same reason that there are motor vehicle traffic laws. Pedestrians have an obligation to walk and move in a safe manner just like motor vehicles.

When j walking become a law?

In towns in the American Midwest in the early 20th century, "jay" was a synonym for "rube", a pejorative term for a rural resident, assumed by many urbanites to be stupid, sli

What is J walking in US?

J Walking; is considered to be walking in an absurd manner across a busy or heavily packed traffic wise intersection OUTSIDE of the cross walk, when traffic is moving or when
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Where did the term J walking originate?

The word 'jaywalk' is a compound word derived from the word 'jay', an old word for an inexperienced person, and walk.