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Why do we have brains?

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Well we need brains to think
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How is your brain different from the brain of an animal?

In one sense, since humans are animals, your brain does not differ from the brina of an animal. human brains, and those of the other great apes, do differ from those of other

What is the brain?

The brain is the convoluted organ within your cranium (skull). It is the major part of the central nervous system, controlling the functions of the body. It is also the seat o

Is the brain stem the base of the brain?

Yes, it is basically the base of the brain; it is where the brain starts. The brain stem extends from the spinal cord into the brain and is the oldest (most primitive) part of

What is a brain?

The brain is the control centre of the central nervous system,  responsible for perception, attention, memory, emotion and action.

Why do you have a brain?

If you didn't have a brain, you really couldn't do anything pretty  much. Example: You wouldn't be able to walk, because you would  forget how to walk. Why we have a brain?

What does the brain stem connect the brain to?

The brain stem connects the brain to the spinal cord, so that the brain can send messages through the cord to the rest of the body. The functioning of the body is severely com

What are right brain left brain?

It is weird but the right side of your brain is connected to the left side. The brain stem deals with very very important functions that keep us alive.

What is your brain?

Your brain is the organ that enables you to manipulate and navigate the world around you.

Does the brain reproduce brain cells?

NO. The brain cells and other nerve cells once formed in the embryo do not divide further in the entire lifetime. Once dead they are not replace. No matter what you do even me

What does a brain do?

The brain is an organ in your head that is protected by your skull. It controls all of the functions going in your body. It is divided in three parts namely cerebellum, ce

What does the human brain do that animals brains can not do?

Your brain is more complex than animals (you are a type of monkey ya'know) so one thing we can do that animals can't is think more, we also have more motor functions, therefor

Do brain cells control your brain?

Brain cells *are* your brain since your brain is made of cells. There are different types of brain cells with different functions. Neurons are the cells that are actually resp

What is the brain of the brain?

The hypothalamus is sometimes called "the brain of the brain". It is the hub for many automatic and homeostatic systems, including the circulatory system, metabolic processes,

How does brain cancer affect the brain?

Yes it also affects all of your muscles and you could possibly die from Brain Cancer. You cant do what you used to do before when your muscles were working and your brain