Why do we have eye brows?

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Well, its just the way god made us, and also, if we didn't have eye brows, we would look pathetic.
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Why does the Mona Lisa not have eye brows?

Mona Lisa's does have eyebrows if you look in a microscope you will see them. They also say that it was the custom at the time that women plucked their hairs of their eyebrows

What is the cost of eye brow piercing?

the place i went to in Washington dc was $40 dollars because they said any piercing above the waist was 40 lol but i guess it just depends on where you go....call the shop you

Do pumpkins have eye brows?

well it all depends on if you have put your own hair onto the pumpkin itsself (e.g shaving your leg of all your hair and glueing it onto the pumpkin) then yes it would have a

What is the meaning eye brow movement?

Eyebrow movement can convey so many different emotions, just like every feature of the face. High eyebrows, a slack mouth and wide eyes conveys surprise. One quick lift of bot

Why dont chickens have eye brows?

Chickens do not have eye brows as they do not possess the ability to grow hair (or fur). However depending on the chicken breed the amount of feathers around the eye varies.

Where can you find eye brow pencils?

You can find these at any department store. Also at, of course make-up stores like Sephora and Mac. Wal-mart and Macys are a good place to start.

Where can you go to get your eye brow perised?

Body Piercing Guidelines or "I want a piercing, now what" . All Body Piercing studios are regulated and work under regional and local health and city licensing regulations.
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Is there worms in your eye brows?

actual in eye brows there is no presence of worms ,this is because worms do lives in G.I.T. of either human or any type of animal.
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What do eye brows di for a person?

Scientists believe that eyebrows are to keep too much dirt andsweat from traveling down the face and into the eye.