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I'm guessing that you are asking why we have TWO (2) eyes? IF that's your question, then the reason is to have the ability to use binocular vision. This means that the information from both eyes overlaps somewhat and allows you to be able to appreciate dimension (see 3D). You'll notice that all animals that are predators (humans included) have both eyes facing forward. (Even hawks and eagles have their eyes pointing mostly forward) That's because when you are using binocular vision, you can tell how far something is away from you.
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What is an eye?

An eye is an organ that senses images and light.

The Eyes Have it?

An old saying when voting verbally was Yaeh or nay. Sometimes voting yes to something was AYE. So the saying when yes won the vote THE AYES HAVE IT.

What does the eye do?

[. The eye is basically a camera taking pictures of images it sees and sends it to the brain where it is stored.

Did it have eyes?

Yes the word it does have an I in it.

What is in the eye?

Answer: Several parts make up the human eye. The parts of the eye include the following: Suspensory ligament, ciliary muscle, anterior chamber, cornea, pupil, iris, posterior

Why you have eyes?

This is so you can take note of your surroundings.

What if you had no eyes?

If you had no eyes, you of course would not be able to see. You also might look very strange to some of the other people around you. You would not look strange of course, but

Why do we have eyes?

I we didn't have eyes we wouldn't be able to see things, therefor, we would be blind and then we could not see the things that we see today.