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I'm guessing that you are asking why we have TWO (2) eyes? IF that's your question, then the reason is to have the ability to use binocular vision. This means that the information from both eyes overlaps somewhat and allows you to be able to appreciate dimension (see 3D). You'll notice that all animals that are predators (humans included) have both eyes facing forward. (Even hawks and eagles have their eyes pointing mostly forward) That's because when you are using binocular vision, you can tell how far something is away from you.
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What do eyes do?

It helps you see better things in life. Without eyes you won't discover new things and you won't enjoy life at all. Imagine the people who can't see. :(   it helps yo

Where is an eye for an eye found in the bible?

Leviticus 24:18-20 states it most clearly. 18 Whoever kills an animal must replace it, life for life. 19 Whoever injures a neighbor must receive the same injury in return- 20

What is a eye?

is it a gooy thing that lets u see

In the human eye what does the white of the eye do?

Known as the Sclera, the "white" of the eyes is a coat of dense connective tissue that covers all of the eyeball except for the cornea. It helps protect the eye against diseas

Are brown eyes beautiful eyes?

Brown eyes, like any color eyes, can be beautiful, but they may not  be. It is said that "eyes are the windows to the soul." If this is  true, the person's soul has a lot mo

What does the eye do?

[   The eye is basically a camera taking pictures of images it sees and sends it to the brain where it is stored.

What is an eye for an eye?

This is a reference to the Bible verse in Leviticus about appropriate punishments. If someone was blinded in an eye, they were free to gouge out the eye of the person who blin

Can you use eye to eye in a sentence?

If you agree that "yes" would be an appropriate response, I think we'll see eye-to-eye on the matter.

How do your eye balls stay in your eye?

Your eyeballs stay in your eye sockets by your nerves connected to your eyes going to your brain and as long as the nerves are connected your eyes stay in.

What does the eye muscle do in the eye?

It controls the movement of eyes,upwards,downward,sideways etc.They are important for fixation of eye and fild vision.

What does the phrase an eye for an eye mean?

It's about exacting punishment or retaliation. If you neighbour breaks, say, one of your windows, you can get him/her to repair one but not the whole lot, or if he broke one o
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What is an eye?

An eye is an organ that senses images and light.