Why do white blonde women attract black men?

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Yes because of the contrast in skin and hair colour.
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Why do white women find black men attractive?

Well as a black man that has dated white women both domestically and internationally i think it's just human nature to find the opposite and same sex attractive. Regardless of

Why do blonde men attract black women?

OPINION1: I don't think they are ALL necessarily attracted to blond men. That really doesn't make sence and what ever black woman told you that she only likes blond guys proba

Are men more attracted to blonde hair women?

Guys aredefinitely not more attracted to blonde's If you want a guy to be interested in you first you have to find out what they like; if they're into school, girls, or even s

Why are black women attracted to white men?

Why can't they? All ethnicities have the right to love a person with a different ethnicity! Just because one is a different color from the other, they can love.

Do white men find black women attractive?

White man opinion: Well, I am very much attracted to black women. I can't speak for all white men. It's all about personal preference. I can find myself attracted to any race

Are blonde women attracted to black men?

I'm naturally blonde, And YES we are! Very much so! I guess because I am pale skin and freckles kind of girl I like dark skin as it is curious to me! Scientifically...the more

Why do dark men attract blonde women?

because of the same stupid reason dark haired girls prefer blond haired blue eyed men, the whole opposite attraction thing. It takes a more highly evolved superior human being

Are black women more attracted to white men than black men?

it doesn't matter. they are both what i prefer. ADD: I know plenty of black women who are more attracted to white men...I also know plenty of white men who find black wome
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Are men more attracted to blonde or brunette women?

I'm man and for some reason most blondes that have a nice hourglass figure seem to be hotter more beutiful. Also most men who watch a blonde and a brunette women were wearing

Why do black men get white women?

There are many reasons why black men 'get' white women, such as: . The man may have a winning personality and knows how to treat a lady. . People have a basic attraction to