Why do you always get stomach pain around the same time of year?

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yearly would be too long to be a normal body cycle, so it must be related to something you do or eat or something seasonally available. What do you only have available this time of year? Apples, peaches, pears, corn, turnips? Seasonal food or drink, maybe a yearly custom like state fair, your birthday, running with the bulls?
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How can you get rid of extra weight around your stomach if you have always had a flat stomach until recently?

Try doing 50 sit-ups a day it only takes about 10 minutes or if you really are lazy I have tried those ab belts, they aren't that expensive and do work but doing sit-ups would help as well. . Also cardio exercise such as walking or jogging or walking works the best at 'fat burning' and toning u (MORE)

Why do female get stomach pain at the time of menstrual periods?

Between the hormone surge and the shedding of the endometrium, the lining, the back and stomach pain and bloating are from the uterus cramping to shed the lining. best controlled with a heating pad and either Tylenol or ibprofen. do not use aspirin as it will increase the bleeding. good luck, joymak (MORE)

Could I be pregnant if I feel tired all the time and have cramp-like pains in my stomach?

Answer . It's very difficult to say. It depends mainly on whether you've missed your period & had unprotected sex recently. Of course in a menstruating women, pregnancy is always a possibility.. See your Doctor for a check up. Many things, beside pregnancy, can cause your symptoms.. Please not (MORE)

Does kissing cause lip pimples my girlfriend always gets painful pimples on her lips every time we kiss on the mouth.Her doctor told her it may have come from the stomach why is she getting them?

Those may possibly be cold sores. I get those around my lip areas too and afterwards, they cause a burning sensation around my mouth area. Kissing has a high chance that you'll end up receiving that Cold Sore, but the virus may stay dormant within your body for a long time.. Sounds like she might h (MORE)

Why do you have stomach pain and side pain?

No member of this site can diagnose illness or conditions of another member. Nor should we. Advice at best can only be general and at worst may be detrimental. If you are concerned about any such a problem then you should seek local expert medical advice.

What is pain in the stomach?

Stomach pain is one of the common kinds of pain found in human beings. When organs around the abdomen get affected, stomach pain occurs. Sometimes the pain can be felt in abdomen even if the parts that are affected may not be the part of the digestive tract such as heart or lungs in which the pain i (MORE)

Who were around the same time as the beatles?

There were The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, The Who, The Animals, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Fleetwood Mac, The Mamas and the Papas, Cream, Pink Floyd, The Bee Gees, The Supremes, Aretha Franklin, and The Monkees. I could go on, but those are the main ones.

Is the same degrees year around?

Colleges and universities offer coursework throughout the year to include summer and interim sessions. . Colleges and universities offer coursework throughout the year to include summer and interim sessions. . Colleges and universities offer coursework throughout the year to include summer and i (MORE)

Is Christmas at the same time around the world?

No. The Russian and serbian orthodox people have Christmas from the 6th to the 8th of January. Muslims don´t celebrate Christmas at all. There are sure more religions where they don´t celebrate Christmas like countries in Asia. And to add to that because there are so many time zones Christm (MORE)

Is your perception time is always the same?

Do you mean, perhaps, "perception of time"? For a psychologist perception means the arrival of a neural signal at the cortex. You might argue then that "perception time" means something like how long it takes your brain to know you've stubbed your toe. The clock starts when rock meets toe and stops (MORE)

Were dinosaurs and humans around at the same time?

No and yes. Dinosaurs have long been extinct long long long before humans came about. However we live in close proximity to their descendants. Birds namely, so keep that in mind next time you see a robin or pigeon outside that it was descended from long extinct dinosaurs.

I'm a 16 year old girl and I am always bloated with random stomach pains including other parts sometimes but no diarrhea and I also have a lot of gas and have been burping any ideas why?

Frequent burping and gas could indicate problems with galbladder. The galbladder excretes bile salts that help digest fats in our food. If you eat a lot of greasy or fatty foods, your galbladder can become diseased and will not work effectively. You probably need to change your diet. Try eating more (MORE)

Can two people have the same pain and emotion at the same time?

Why not? Another answer There is rather old research from the 1960's that suggest that there are certain bonds between close affiliates which will produce this phenomenon. The Duke University research into psychic phenomenon did produce this effect, but the results were inconclusive. That t (MORE)

Are stomach pains while pregnant the same as period pains?

Contractions feel like menstrual cramps. If you're pregnant and feel like you have menstrual cramps, call your doctor or go to the hospital. I have 4 children myself. There is no better way to describe the onset of labor than it feels like you are getting ready to start your period.

Does fingering first time is always painful?

If it is painful you are probably not wet or swollen and aroused enough. The clitoris and labia has to be taken care of first, otherwise she will probably not be aroused enough. Never stick anything in unless she is really wet. And be gentle!

Is Passover always celebrated at the same time?

Passover is always celebrated at the same time on the Hebrew calendar, the 15th of Nisan. However, the Hebrew and Western calendars are not the same so Passover falls on different dates on the Western calendar.

What happens if you take 10 pain killers at the same time?

It really depends on the type. Pain killers are opiate based drugs such as codeine and other prescription pain killers. Taking large amounts of these can cause you to become addicted. Pain relievers, Tylenol and other over the counter drugs that are non opiate based, will cause damage to your liver (MORE)

Is Easter always at the same time as Passover?

Easter always falls sometime during the holiday of Passover. The above is not an answer, just a restatement of the question. A sort of brief explanation: The Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar, not a solar one like the Gregorian calendar used in most Western countries. Therefore, dates of Jewis (MORE)

Have we always measured time the same way?

define 'always'. Clocks were not invented until fairly recently. Sundials are several thousand years older. Before sundials were understood, I imagine that the concept of 'time' didn't mean much. You would gather food while it was bright out, and sleep when it's dark out!

Do you always get your period around the same day?

More or less. Usually within 4-5 days from the last one. If you are just starting your period it takes about a year before it will settle down to a regular cycle. The same thing happens at menopause. It all has to do with hormones.

Is the purpose of government always the same or does it change from time to time?

The correct purpose of any government is to serve its people. Specifically the people who voted the government into power and or those in the government appointed by the elected officials. With this main purpose established, serving its people, may cause changes in the way it does serve. Examples he (MORE)