Why do you say 'God bless you' and not 'God blesses you'?

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The original term, "May God bless you" was contracted into "God bless you," or sometimes just "God bless."

The verb "bless" is used in this phrase instead of "blesses" because it is in the subjunctive mood. The subjunctive mood expresses a hope, wish, possibility, or opinion. The subjunctive mood is hard to distinguish in modern English because it often has the same form as the indicative mood, which indicates a factual statement. The subjunctive mood is easiest to see in the 3rd person (he, she, it) or in this case "God."

NOTE: Most modern-English speakers don't use the subjunctive mood regularly, but it lingers in phrases that have been around for a long time, such as "God bless you" or "Long live the queen." "Long live the queen" doesn't express a fact that the queen spoken of has lived or is living a long life, (which would be expressed by saying "Long lives the Queen") but rather the hope of the speaker that the queen will indeed live a long life.
SUBSEQUENT ADDITION: The subjunctive mood in such constructions has virtually disappeared from British English but is very common in American English, where it is standard. American: "They demand that the fighting come to an end" (present); "They demanded that the fighting come to an end end' (past). British: "They demand that the fighting comes to an end" (present); "They demanded that the fighting came to an end" (past). The American usage requires the subjunctive mood regardless of the time of the action, the British the simple present and simple past (and future when appropriate). There are British grammarians who regard the American usage as more faithful to historical English usage and the British usage as a regrettable modernism.
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How do you say 'god bless you' in Latin?

Salud means health and it is often used in Spanish communities. You may bear witness to, during what Greeks and Romans would have called a libation, or, in its modern use, a toast, someone exclaiming salud (variant depending upon which language it is made in). In Middle English, saluter , derivi (MORE)

How do you say god bless you in spanish?

The phrase "God Bless You" is "Dios te bendiga" but as a responseto someone sneezing, Spaniards would say "Salud" (health),sometimes followed by "Dinero" (money) for a second sneeze and"Amor" (love) for the third in a series. The religious may also say"Jesús" in the same context of a blessing.

How do you say 'God bless' in Latin?

The Latin equivalent of 'God bless' is Deus benedicat . In the word-by-word translation, the noun 'Deus' means 'God'. The verb 'benedicat' means '[he/she/it] blesses, does bless, is blessing'. In the phrase 'God bless you', the word 'vos' ['you'] is placed between the subject and the verb: 'Deus vo (MORE)

How do you say god bless in Kazakh?

Do you mean "God bless you", the phrase which you say when someone sneezes? It is "Sau bol" - meaning Be Healthy , or "Köp jasa" - meaning Live a long life .

How do you say 'God bless you' in Italian?

Dio ti benedica! is an Italian equivalent of the Englishphrase "God bless you!" Specifically, the masculine noun Dio is "God." The objectpronoun ti means "(informal singular) you." The presentimperative benedica translates as "(he/it/one/she) bless"in this context. The pronunciation will be (MORE)

How do you say 'God bless you' in Portuguese?

In Brazilian Portuguese is "Deus te abençoe". If it is after someone sneezes, you say "Santinho.". If it is just "God bless you", then it's "Deus te abençoe", both in European and Brazilian portuguese.

Why do you say 'God bless you' and not 'God blesses you?

The reason is that when you say "God bless you" you're actually using something called the subjunctive mood . This is a grammatical construct used to express a possibility, wish, or opinion. In English it was more common in olden days, but it's still ubiquitous in other European languages, such as (MORE)

Why bless God?

because god loves you and blessind him shows yore love for him.. god bless you!

Why do we say god bless you?

It is one of many archaic, almost fossilized expressions in which the subjunctive mood survives in spoken English. Another is So be it. The subjunctive is used to express wishes and contrary-to-fact conditions.

How do you say god bless you in polish?

Na zdrowie. It literally means for health. The same way as "god bless you", but imply to wish you good health. However, "na zdrowie" is more of an idiom and is less religious then "god bless you."

How do you say god bless you in Hebrew?

after sneezing labri'ut (לבריאות) literally to a male: elohim yevarekh otkha (אלוקים יברך אותך) to a female: elohim yevarekh otakh (אלוקים יברך אותך) This is how you say it in Hebrew. " (MORE)

How do you say 'god bless you' in Arabic?

It is important to make the distinction between the two uses of "God bless you" in English which are not translated the same way in Arabic: "God bless you" as a command wishing God to grant somebody prosperity and "God bless you" as the rejoinder when someone sneezes. Blessing if you are talkin (MORE)

How do you say god bless you in Korea?

There is no such phrase. Maybe.... "Your snot landed in my soup, a-hole!" "Is you brain still intact?" Actually, Koreans are very accepting of body functions such as sneezes, burps, and farts. "Excuse Me" doesn't really exist in Korean.

When do you say 'God bless you'?

You say it in response to someone sneezing, or in some cases, as a fervent thanks for something they did for you that helps you greatly.

How do you say god bless you in mandarin?

When I was in Northern China they taught me to say a word or phrase pronounced "too-foo-nee" to say "God bless you", however I could not find this word in the pinyin dictionary, but every church I went to seemed to understand when I said it :) ---------------------------------------------------- (MORE)

How do you say god bless in welsh?

The usual expression would be [Da bo chi] . This means 'May good things happen to you' and is often used as an alternative to 'Goodbye' in Welsh.. If you want the literal translation of [May God bless you] that is: Duw a'ch bendithio or Duw a'th bendithio (this form is only when you are sp (MORE)

When you say 'God bless him' how does god bless him?

This idiom is not meaning a specific blessing such as many cultures have - bless you with many children, or 1000 blessings on your house! When an American, especially a southern American, says "Bless him," "Bless you," or even "Bless your heart," they are simply stating a wish that good things happe (MORE)

How do you say God bless you for Muslim?

One could say رحمك الله Rahimakallah which means "May God have mercy on you." or "May God bless you." This expression is used when one sneezes.

How do you say god bless you in Israel?

Someone asked about the phrase " God Bless You" in Hebrew. Well, if my memory has not failed me yet, there are two ways of saying the phrase depending on whether you are addressing a man or a woman. Here it is and I hope it is to your sheer delectation! To a male: elohim yevarekh otkha (××œ× (MORE)

How do you say god bless you in Navajo?

To say Blessing (as from God) is bee'ak'ihojidlihii well I think.That's what it says in my Navajo dictionary. To bless or make holy is: yissį́į́h. This is theimperfective. From the stem - sį́į́h --to makeholy Navajo verbs are complicated for Englishspeakers. There are lo (MORE)

How do you say may God bless you?

It is a prayer. God is nothing but pure form of consciousness that is present in the cosmos. Every energy for our sustenance is derived from here. When the individual consciousness trying to establish a commune with the Supreme Consciousness, it is called prayer. It is the positive thought of a pers (MORE)

How do you say God bless you both in Hebrew?

If both of you are male, or if one is male and one is female:. yevarekh elohim et shneikhem (יברך אלוקים את שניכם). If both of you are female:. yevarekh elohim et shneikhen (יברך אלוקים את שניכן) .

How do say 'god bless you' in Japanese?

There actually is no term that is said in Japan after one sneezes. The closest you can come to it is to say, "Daijyoobu?" which means, "Are you okay?" Normally, though, sneezes occur without any subsequent comments.

Why do we say God bless in place of God blesses?

Because it's the expression of a wish, not a statement of fact. "God bless" is in the subjunctive mood, which has become rather rare in modern English, and means "May God bless", not "God does bless".

Why say god bless you when sneez?

Sneezing was thought to be an early symptom of the plague, 'God Bless You' was a sort of shield against evil. Sneezing was also though to be a way of expelling the Devil from your body, so 'God Bless You' was a natural response

How do you say God bless you in fijian?

I can't confirm the accuracy of this because I haven't been able to find anything online, nor do I know how it should be spelled. However, I learned the word from some Fijian soldiers I worked with in the Middle East years ago and never forgot it. Me vaka louga tataki iko na kalu

How do you say god bless me in hawaiian?

'O ke Akua au ho'omaika'i mai. Oh keh ah-KOO-wah ou (like "out" without the "t") hoh-(short pause)-oo-my-KAH-(short pause)-ee my. E ho'omaika'i au 'o ke Akua. Eh hoh-(short pause)-oh-my-KAH-(short pause)-ee ou (short pause)-oh keh ah-KOO-wah. Both would work, but the former is the formal way. Also, (MORE)

How do you say god bless in Muslim?

Assalam-o-Alaikum ! Its just like hi or hey or hello but it means God Bless you and Muslims use this very often as they want only good for others !

How do i say God bless You in Iroquois?

There is no such language (or tribe) as "Iroquois". Each of the Iroquois tribes spoke its own language - these were related to each other, but entirely different. Furthermore there is no direct translation of the Christian concept of "May God bless you".

Will God bless you for blessing Israel?

Only God knows this for sure, but the Bible indicates that He will.See the below citations from the Bible (NIV). Genesis 12:3: 3 [God said to Abram] Iwill bless those who bless you,and whoever curses you I will curse;and all peoples on earthwill be blessed through you. Numbers 24:1: 1 Now when (MORE)

How do you say God Bless you in Africa?

There are many different languages and dialects spoken across the 55 countries in Africa. There is no language called "African." Please specify which language (or country to help narrow it down) you mean.

How you say blessing from god in Punjabi?

bhagwan - that is how it is said to be in punjabi. Punjabis believe guru granth sahib is their only god and that is the supreme power. It gives them the strength and everything.