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Why does a dishwasher smell like a sewer and won't drain?

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Check where it connects under the sink to the drainage or the garburator. It will more than likely be plugged somewhere near that connection. Unplug it, and run 2 cups of vinegar and 1/2 a cup of baking soda through a long hot cycle in the D/W. This should get rid of the sewer odor.
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What would cause a sewer gas smell in the spare bathroom only when the washer drains?

  Answer     Without knowing more of your situation, let me speculate:   The draining of the washer happens quickly. The draining water causes a vacuum in the

Why would your house smell like sewer whenever you run the washer or dishwasher?

  Answer 1   I suspect that you have a "p" trap in either a floor drain, or possible the laundry tub or a sink somewhere in the house.   If you look under the kitc

Kenmore dishwasher won't drain?

Filter is plugged, or you need anew pump.

Does sewer gas smell like chlorine?

no, unless there is something being put in a drain nearby that has a lot of chlorine in it such as pool water. Sewer gas generally smells like an out house.
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What are drains and sewers?

A drain flowing into a sewer either combination or sanitary or storm depending on what type of drain is being used such as storm drains or waste and this does not include Soil

Smelling sewer from floor drains?

Floor drains that do not have water flow through them will go dry and sewer gas will leak out of them because the trap makes a seal and stops air from flowing out of the floor