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Why does a fish filet cook faster than a beef steak?

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A fish fillet will always cook faster as it is more tender and soft then a beef steak any day. After you preasure cook the beef then only can you cook the steak.
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What is the difference between a fish filet and fish steak?

The difference is that : a fish steak is a cross-section of the fish, containing the backbone and any other bones that were not removed prior, whereas a fish fillet is tak

Can you cook a stew with frozen beef stewing steak?

    Sure.... put the meat in the bottom of a heavy pan on low heat with a couple of tablespoons of oil in the bottom. Cover the pan or pot with a lid and let cook unt

Why does fish cook faster than meat?

In fish, muscle fibers are much shorter than they are in beef, and  collagen dissolves easily during cooking. So fish cooks quickly and  there's no tenderizing to do.

Why should ground beef products like hamburger be more thoroughly cooked than roast and steaks?

Bad bacteria are found on the cut surfaces of meat, not the interior of the muscle. When cooking a steak or roast, the outside surfaces of the meat are heated which kills off

Why do beef sausages and minced beef have to be cooked more than beef steak?

As the meat is ground up, it is more subject to bacteria as it is pushed through the grinder. With the bacteria in the meat, if the hamburger is not cooked thoroughly a person

How long do you cook filet steak on a grill?

Filet are usually cut pretty thick. There are many variables to consider. The temperature of the grill and the thickness of the steak are the two biggest. And the desired degr

Why does fish and chicken spoil faster than beef?

Because fish spend their lives in cold water the enzymes in the flesh of fish are active at cold temperatures. Beef enzymes are inactive at cold temperatures. Another reason m

How would you cook Beef Steak in space?

Science Fiction Answer I guess if you were on a space ship you would turn on the gravity and get out a grill or something. Realistic Answer If you use a grill that simultan

What possible question can you ask when a chef is cooking beef steak?

There are a variety of good questions you can ask a chef when  cooking a steak. You can ask what temperature the pan should be,  what marinade recipes they use or recommend,

How do you cook a beef strip loin steak?

Cooking a beef strip loin steak on the  grill is a great way. It is easy to overcook if not watched  carefully.